Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time
Do Ho Suh © Gautier Deblonde all rights reserved DACS 2023

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time
17th February – 1st September 2024
National Galleries Scotland: Modern One
75 Belford Road

Immerse yourself in the imagination of one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Do Ho Suh (born 1962, Seoul) brings his first Scottish exhibition to National Galleries Scotland: Modern One. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to marvel at Do Ho Suh’s larger-than-life thread drawings, take in his never-before-seen sketchbooks and wander through the artist’s iconic architectural hubs, experiencing Suh’s colourful, interconnected, life-size ‘homes’.

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time
Do Ho Suh, Installation view, I am your conduit, 2014. Copyright Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time will be free to visit, taking over the entire ground floor of Modern One in Edinburgh until 1 September 2024. This major solo exhibition by the South Korean-born, London-based artist will be the largest European exhibition to date of the artist’s work on paper, with artworks spanning 25 years of Suh’s career. With over 100 works on display, many never seen before, the artist poses questions such as ‘Where and when does home exist?’ and ‘What defines our sense of place?’.

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time explores the important role that drawing and paper play in Suh’s work, focusing on his collaborative methods, experimental techniques, and ingenious use of materials. The exhibition will travel forwards and backwards in time, organised according to the artist’s transformative approaches to drawing as a toolkit with endless possibilities.

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time
Do Ho Suh, Hub, 3rd Floor, Union Wharf, 23 Wenlock Road, London N1 7ST, UK, 2016

Visitors will discover Suh’s compelling and technically innovative thread drawings, where multicoloured threads are embedded in handmade paper to create sewn images of some of the artist’s most iconic motifs. Thread takes on a new form as a mode of drawing, mirroring the use of fabric in the artist’s sculptures.

The thread drawings are created at STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, Singapore, where Do Ho has been working collaboratively with the Creative Workshop team for over a decade; experimenting together to produce his works on paper. Works on display from this series include the dazzling Staircase/s (2019); a seemingly impossible vertical stack of colour, winding and repeating the communal staircase from Suh’s New York apartment building, the embroidery process creating a cloud of loose threads in its wake.

Using both practical problem solving and imaginative sketching, drawing helps Suh to imagine new relationships between architecture and the body, and new ways of challenging and re-defining shared public spaces. The exhibition includes an immersive installation of Suh’s famed ‘hubs’; life-size sculptures that recreate in colourful fabric transitional spaces – thresholds, corridors and doorways – inspired by sites meaningful to the artist.

Visitors to the exhibition can enter and move through these installations, giving a real-scale sense of the places which hold significance to the artist. The translucency of the fabric which forms these hubs expands on the idea of memory being personal and subjective. It also highlights the rigidity of Western architecture in comparison to traditional Korean buildings. Suh’s fabric architecture can be packed down and transported; a means of carrying home with you.

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time
Do Ho Suh, Installation view, Staircases, 2019.
Copyright Do Ho Suh

Paper is also treated as sculptural material. Tracing Time includes a series of Suh’s ‘rubbings’; works made using a physically challenging process of coating the entire interiors of rooms in paper, which is then carefully rubbed in pencil and chalk to create an impression of the original spaces.

Suh’s engaging and imaginative artworks collectively ask questions about home and identity, inviting visitors to consider their own answer. Individual experiences of what home is on a personal level can create a fundamental part of who we are, often influenced by day-to-day life and deepest memories. Drawing is Do Ho Suh’s way of navigating the world, capturing overlooked details, and making sense of how we relate to one another.

Tracing Time gathers many threads of the artist’s work and its celebration of human collaboration and creative networks.

Do Ho Suh: Tracing Time 17th February – 1st September 2024 National Galleries Scotland: Modern One

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