Who We Are

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art ❀️

Art Plugged is a contemporary platform, inspired by our relationship with the broader arts communities, and our passion for showcasing great work.

We exhibit unique works from the global art scene. Our collection embraces originals, limited edition prints, sculpture and art in various other formats. Many commercial galleries operate on minimal access, and while our selection is exclusive and limited, as we appreciate art as an asset class.

We are a part of the vanguard spearheading the democratisation of art and aim to democratise access to it. Art is for all, regardless of race, class, gender, creed or colour.

We work with the most talented and culturally relevant artists of our time, through technology and social communities, we make their work available to all who genuinely love and want to be a part of this ever-expanding arts community.

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