Lauren Baker: Ten Days Of Silence

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Lauren Baker: Ten Days Of Silence
6th May – 29th May, 2022
99 Projects
99 Chamberlayne Road
NW10 3ND

99 Projects will showcase a new body of work by Internationally Acclaimed British Artist Lauren Baker, exploring dreams, vision, love And spirituality through silence.‘Ten Days Of Silence’, will be presented from Friday 6th to Sunday 29th May 2022.

The vivid and unmistakable collection focuses on the ten days of silence Lauren experienced during her travels through Mexico. ‘Ten Days Of Silence’ is a reflection of her inner journey, with the highs and lows she experienced.

Lauren Baker: Ten Days Of Silence
Lauren Baker

Many of us are afraid of silence. We’re always doing something – thinking, texting, music, TV – to occupy the space. Being quiet and taking space is fundamental to happiness, and yet we often neglect this

Lauren Baker

Lauren continues; ‘The ten days of silence I experienced, felt like a rollercoaster. My heart broke open. I cried tears of joy. My compassion grew, and my empathy grew. It felt like my vision expanded from tunnel to near 360 vision. The source of love is deep within us, and we make a daily choice to lift others with a word, an action, a thought – to bring joy. This is what I would like each person to experience through my work’ 

A further inspiration to her new pieces were the letters Lauren wrote during the ‘Ten Days Of Silence’. The multi-disciplinary artist wrote letters to herself, earth, the universe, past lover, and a future lover. Bursting with texture and energy, they are hand stitched in sound frequency form, using everything from feathers to metal wire.  

The new mystical works involve Yantra’s. A Yantra is a symbol which you stare at to gain spiritual enlightenment. The artwork comprises of a series of sacred geometrical shapes and from which colours and a feeling of light emanates. Through these artworks, Lauren takes the viewers into a sensorial experience of light and colour. 

Artworks explore contemporary and ancient symbolism and rituals to connect dreams, vision, love and spirituality. ‘Ten Days Of Silence’ features neon light, mosaic, and metal sculpture. Works are also on canvas and print. 

Frances Casey, Founder of 99 Projects, the gallery in the heart of Kensal Rise, London comments; “We represent a selection of established and emerging local and international artists and focus on showcasing urban and eclectic exhibitions.

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