Lauren Baker: Exploring Dreams, Vision, Love And Spirituality Through Silence

Acclaimed British artist Lauren Baker is renowned for her captivating works accentuated by her atmospheric use of reflecting and articulating light to convey her intricate notions concerning the mechanics of spirituality and human existence.

Throughout Baker’s work, the illumination of light echoes, harmonised with her ideology of reality and spiritual influence. Its radiant and divine properties are dedicated to the colours and textures in her pieces as they come alive under its shimmering effects.

Lauren Baker
Photo Courtesy of the artist

I had an epiphany that I was an artist. I put on my own show and got gallery representation off the back of it; within the first eight months, I did an installation at Tate Modern

Lauren Baker

Synonymous for employing the tonal values of light, Baker does have an open practice, which allows her artistic manifestations to flow across diverse mediums ranging from sculptures to installations, canvas and works on paper. This openness has laid the foundation for a solid art career that continues to blossom from exhibiting with Tate Modern to gracing numerous spaces of institutions and galleries worldwide.

Baker’s current exhibition, “Ten Days of Silence” at 99 Projects, a gallery founded by Frances Casey, who continuously focuses on the importance of always supporting British artists.

“Ten Days of Silence” is a personal analysis of dreams, vision, love, and spirituality through silence. Inspired by a sabbatical in Mexico, when she went through ten days of silence, these new works represent her inner journey, the highs and the lows she encountered. This new body of work encourages reflection through the contemplative practice of silence.

We managed to catch up with Lauren to talk about her practice, creative process, NFTs and more.

Ten Days Of Silence is on until 29th May, 2022 at 99 Projects 99 Chamberlayne Road
London NW10 3ND

Q: Hi Lauren, can you please introduce yourself for those who do not know you?

A: I am Lauren Baker, a multidiscipline artist based in London.

“Ten Days of Silence” at 99 Projects Exhibition view
Photo Courtesy of the artist
Q: You’ve had a successful art career that continues to blossom. Can you tell us how you got started in arts and why you decided to become an artist?

A: I did a degree in business, psychology and sociology and was in the corporate world for seven years until I read ‘the power of now’ by Ekarte Toll and escaped to the Amazon jungle, where I had an epiphany that I was an artist. I put on my own show and got gallery representation off the back of it; within the first eight months, I did an installation at Tate Modern, so everything flowed fast! I’ve been an artist for ten years now, and I’ve been making large scale public art installations over the last four years. I’m grateful to get to travel the world making art.

Lauren Baker with Osiris
182 x 50 x 50 cm
Steel, powder coated ice white Edition of 8
Photo Courtesy of the artist
Q: Can you tell us about your practice and your inspiration?

A: My practice is experimental and incredibly varied. I create artworks that are conceptual and celestial, inspired by the cosmos, human connection and metaphysics. I mostly work with light – reflecting or omitting light. I make sculpture, large scale installations, works on canvas and print, as well as abstract art. The art is a natural expression of my essence in the moment of creation. I keep my practice very open, intuitive, free flowing, and experimental, it’s fun that way.

“Letter to my future lovers”
Photo Courtesy of the artist
Q: Your new exhibition “Ten Days of Silence” features a series of new works exploring dreams, vision, love and spirituality through silence inspired by your sabbatical in Mexico. Can you tell us more about the exhibition and the significance of these new works?

A: There is a new series of works entitled ‘Letter to..’ In silence, I wrote and wrote. The letters weren’t meant to be sent. The energy of the writing was enough to express and let go. To let the ripples of the thoughts be free. The letters were love letters…Letters To; Myself, To Earth, To The Universe, To My Past Lover, To My Future Lovers…The hopes and the dreams, all released, all let go. And in this process, I found something. I found supreme freedom, as there was nothing left to say.

For the key piece named ‘Slowing Down Time’ – I wanted to acknowledge that time is a human construct. The day feels like it lasts forever as a child, and it seems to speed up as we get older. Time slows down once more when we meditate – what a beautiful feeling. I was forever bending time, squeezing things in, rushing around, and now I crave meditation. I walk more slowly barefoot on the grass, and I breathe deeper when I pass a tree as I take in its serenity. In meditation, I transcend time and space, and that ripples through my day.  

Photo Courtesy of the artist

Another artwork is entitled ‘Yantra Moon’. A yantra is a symbol which you stare at in meditation to gain spiritual enlightenment. I explored contemporary and ancient symbolism and rituals to explore dreams, vision, love and spirituality. Symbolism is the movement of art seeking to represent absolute truths. 

Ten Days Of Silence solo exhibition is at 99 Projects Gallery, 99 Projects
99 Chamberlayne Road London NW10 3ND, until 29 May.

Q: Over the last year, the art world has been buzzing with the word NFT. As a multi-talented career artist working across multiple disciplines, have you considered creating an NFT?

A: YES. I am currently working on my first NFT series! You are the first to hear about this. Very excited to enter this sphere.

Photo Courtesy of the artist
Q: The studio is the sacred temple of creativity. What are three things you can’t live without in your studio?

A: I have Palosanto and Sage and lavender oil to burn in the studio to cleanse and lift the energy.

Q: What’s next for you as an artist?

A: I am working on a 25-metre artwork in the Middle East. It’s top-secret, but I can’t wait to reveal it very soon as I’ve been working on it behind the scenes for two years now! Also, my NFT will be a new path for me.

Q: Lastly, what does art mean to you?

A: Art doesn’t have to do anything, and art is everything. The way you move is art, the way you make love is art, the way you break up is an art form, and the way you dress is an expression of your essence. Everything is art!

Ten Days Of Silence is on until 29th May, 2022 at 99 Projects 99 Chamberlayne Road
London NW10 3ND

©2022 Lauren Baker

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