Gary James McQueen at West Chelsea Contemporary

Gary James McQueen

Gary James McQueen
2nd March -24 March, 2024
West Chelsea Contemporary
1009 W 6th St #120
Austin, TX 78703

The London-based multidisciplinary artist Gary James McQueen premiers his first solo show in the United States at West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin, Texas, offering a unique perspective on his oeuvre through a selection of new works. On view from March 2-24, 2024, Gary James McQueen provides a multi-dimensional experience that invites visitors into a macabre yet romantic environment dominated by digitally sculpted skulls, ethereal floral still lifes, and humanoid figures.

Gary James McQueen at West Chelsea Contemporary
The Thinker, 3D Lenticular Artwork, 60″ x 48″

In his most ambitious project to date, Gary James McQueen investigates the transformative power of technology when juxtaposed with artistic vision and purpose while exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Gary James McQueen also celebrates family heritage and the artist’s significant contributions to the fashion world, spotlighting his formative relationship with his uncle, the legendary fashion designer Alexander Lee McQueen.

Mentored at a young age by Lee, the duo often watched the latest horror movies – from An American Werewolf in London to The Howling and Legend – transporting Gary James McQueen to fantastical worlds that still inspire his practice today.

Gary James McQueen comments, “I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my first solo show in the United States at West Chelsea Contemporary, which marks a key milestone in my career as an artist and gives art lovers the chance to see my works up close. As someone who appreciates the darkness we all have to face and experience in life, I hope this exhibition provides unexplored perspectives on the inner layers of our existence, combining distinct yet somehow complementary realms – the beauty and the brutal, the macabre and the romantic, life and death.”

Gary James McQueen at West Chelsea Contemporary
Kintsugi Skull, 3D Lenticular Artwork, 60″ x 48″

The exhibition groups a selection of never-before-seen works in new series, including Talisman Skulls, which takes inspiration from Tibetan culture, positioning the skull as a symbol of good luck. Created using 3D technology, the collection also speaks to Gary James McQueen’s history of family addiction, domestic violence, and death. While in Austin, there will be an exclusive opportunity for visitors to have a one-on-one session with the artist and collaborate on a brief to create bespoke Talisman skulls based on their own preferences. Another highlight of the show is Botanic Kingdom, a new series of works that reinterprets the classic beauty of still life with the artist’s unique melancholic aesthetic. These pieces invite visitors to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy, beauty, and dark romance.

Reinterpreting the narratives between art and technology, Gary James McQueen will also present the artist’s iconic Human Nature in a brand new holographic device, the Holobox Mini by Holoconnects. Additionally, visitors will be invited to step into a digital fashion shoot produced in collaboration with Texel, trying on couture garments and taking pictures in 4 designs by Gary James McQueen through the power of AI. This experience champions inclusivity in fashion, as each look is tailored to fit any size on the spot.

Gary James McQueen at West Chelsea Contemporary
Emerald Skull (/50)3D Lenicular Artwork 60″x48″

Gary James McQueen grew up on a council estate in a working-class suburb of east London. Aged 5, Gary witnessed his father’s death in a car accident outside the family home, an event that remains imprinted on his memory today. Faced with the challenges of his everyday life, Gary needed an escape and found refuge in his relationship with his uncle Alexander Lee McQueen.

He worked at Alexander McQueen’s menswear department for seven years and was then promoted to head textile designer. Storytelling has always been at the core of his creative vision. His work has been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and galleries and fairs around the world.

Gary James McQueen exhibition opens on the 2nd of March until the 24th of March, 2024 at West Chelsea Contemporary

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