Yoon Hyungtaek: In the Depths of (Fondness)

Yoon Hyungtaek
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Yoon Hyungtaek: In the Depths of (Fondness)
2 February, 2024 – 29 February, 2024
The Stroll gallery | Stella A&C
The Stroll gallery
Unit 504, 5F Vanta Industrial Centre
21-23 Tai Lin Pai Road
Kwai Chung

The Stroll Gallery is thrilled to announce “In the Depths of (Fondness)”, an exclusive private viewing featuring the captivating artworks of renowned Korean artist Yoon Hyungteak in February. The artist, who captures warm moments in everyday life with simple yet rich expression, has recently met various audience and fans through art fairs such as Asia Now 2023 in Paris, 2023 LA Art Show, and 2023 Art Busan, as well as numerous solo exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Currently he is participating in the international art fair Art SG in Singapore and exhibiting at WOAW Gallery, reaching out to the global stage.

Yoon Hyungtaek: In the Depths of (Fondness)
One women running on the beach 2, acrylic on canvas, 2023

Yoon Hyungtaek demonstrates his mastery of various mediums, such as paintings, drawings, and sketches, to capture the essence of happiness in ordinary moments. His unique storytelling approach creates a heartfelt and thought- provoking experience, enabling viewers to deeply connect with his art.

Yoon Hyungtaek: In the Depths of (Fondness)
Apartamento 2022-01,156 x 116 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2022

Centered around the theme of “Fondness,” the event encapsulates the layers of joy and warmth inherent in our daily lives. Yoon’s prominently featured works reveal profound emotional connections, drawing inspiration from his own life experiences. Through his captivating imagery, the artist’s pieces resonate with audiences, inviting them to explore their own narratives within his art.

Yoon Hyungtaek: In the Depths of (Fondness)
Bianco 1, acrylic on canvas, 2023

The private viewing will be an exclusive occasion, accessible only to invited guests and by appointment. An Opening Reception event will also be held on 3 rd February 2024 (Saturday), where you can meet the artist, Yoon Hyungtaek in person. As guests stroll through the gallery, they will be captivated by the moments of togetherness depicted in Yoon’s artwork. The fragments of memories, both familiar and extraordinary, will deeply resonate, encouraging introspection and reflection on the profound warmth and joy discovered in everyday life.

Yoon Hyungtaek: In the Depths of (Fondness) opens on the 2nd of February, 2024 until the 29th of February, 2024 at The Stroll gallery

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