Stuart Pearson Wright: Miscellanalects

Stuart Pearson Wright: Miscellanalects

2 November – 25 November 2023
Flowers Gallery
21 Cork Street

Flowers Gallery is excited to announce the debut solo exhibition of British painter Stuart Pearson Wright, titled Miscellanalects, at the gallery. The artist, who won the BP Portrait Award, is widely recognised as a leading figurative painter in Britain. His portraits and narrative works, which often depict himself and others, are known for their distinctly eerie and dramatic style.

Stuart Pearson Wright: Miscellanalects
Stuart Pearson Wright

In this exhibition, Wright explores the concept of creative “loose ends”. The artist has placed works across a range of media and subject matter in a way that generates potentially surprising outcomes. The exhibition’s title is a portmanteau of the words ‘miscellaneous’ and ‘analects’, which means ‘collections’, ‘crumbs’, or ‘compilation’. This title expresses the artist’s recent anthology of paintings, printmaking, sculptures, and performances.

After painting for almost thirty years, Wright’s practice has evolved to include sewing, carving, and sculpting. He views this multivalent routine as reflective of his way of thinking, which he visualises as “Spiderman’s web emanating out of his hands.” The diversity of the exhibition mirrors Wright’s varied approach to art.

Stuart Pearson Wright: Miscellanalects
King Charles III
Stuart Pearson Wright

As part of his exhibition, Wright has created two interactive artworks that incorporate motion sensors and sound. One of them, called “Dieyoulittlebastard” (2023), extends its subject matter beyond the picture plane into the gallery space. The other, “Bloke” (2023), is a three-quarters life-sized sculpture of a man smoking a cigarette that is similarly activated by the approach of the viewer, with sound and plumes of vapour. Wright has expressed his admiration for art that surprises people, and these interactive installations certainly achieve that.

STUART PEARSON WRIGHT: MISCELLANALECTS opens on 2nd November and is on until 25th November 2023 at Flowers Gallery

©2023 Stuart Pearson Wright

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