Steve Lazarides: Rave Captured

Steve Lazarides: Rave Captured
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Steve Lazarides: Rave Captured
10 February – 10 March 2022
House of Laz
25 Lexington Street

Rave Captured’ is a new exhibition of photographic print work by legendary street art pioneer Steve Lazarides, running 10 February – 10 March 2022 at House of Laz 25 Lexington Street, London W1F 9AG, a new ‘art speakeasy’ beneath Laz Emporium.

Lazarides’ first ever solo exhibition and the first time these works have been shown, the series was initially shot in 1992 and captures the euphoric birth of rave culture across North-East England. At a time when raves were being demonised by the press as a new wave of expression – and a threat to the fabric of society – Lazarides was present to document the emergence of various subcultures and the thousands who made them so electric, from the famous Blue Monkey club in Sunderland to the rave scene in Bristol and London’s Acid Jazz movement.

Steve Lazarides: Rave Captured
Welcome to the Terrordome Large Metal Edition

An evolution to Lazarides’ degree show 30 years ago (some pieces from which were used soon after in the V&A ‘Streetstyle’ show curated by Ted Polhemus), these works are screen-printed renditions, innovative responses to a scribble he found in a sketch book alongside the original photos: “See if you can screenprint the photos.” Printed on either brass or copper and distressed with aging fluids such as acid, ‘Rave Captured’ features a total of eight unique works. ‘Rave Captured’ takes place in the heart of London’s Soho and marks the re-launch of Laz Emporium, a space that is reinventing the curiosity shop for the 21st Century.

Celebrating subculture in all its forms, Laz Emporium is home to limited runs of artworks and design collaborations with leading contemporary artists including Charming Baker, Jake Chapman, Jamie Hewlett and Jonathan Yeo.

Steve Lazarides: Rave Captured
Banksy – Di-Faced Tenner

Among artworks featured are the Di-Faced Tenner, Banksy’s fake Princess Diana banknote, and plenty of other pieces of Banksy “ephemera” – or “objects d’anarchy” as Lazarides calls them – alongside an emporium of sustainably artisan-made cushions, lampshades and other design pieces by your favourite artists, including: Jonathan Yeo’s ‘Blue Period Crockery;’ the ‘Jousting for Position’ Mirror, a unique, upcycled vintage piece by Charming Baker; Jamie Hewlett’s ‘African Women,’ a new print series featuring The Gorillaz co-creator’s new imagery on special editions, interior pieces and affordable prints; and a Paris Hilton CD signed ‘Paris’ by Banksy, featuring artworked inlays and containing unofficial remixes by Dangermouse.

All of the pieces have been completed at Laz Emporium’s dedicated studio complex deep in the Gloucestershire countryside – a modern-day foundry for creating magical items from art  imagery. Several large specialist workshops are dedicated to editioning, fabric printing, packaging, furniture making and painting. The studio team are constantly innovating, testing the limits of their machinery to create new processes, while at the same time working with local artisans and prioritising the use of sustainable natural and man-made materials.

Steve Lazarides: Rave Captured
Es are Good Large Metal Edition

Laz Emporium is on a mission to become a hub for exploring counterculture from graffiti to grime. Inside, the walls have been painted in an authentic graffiti style by London’s respected, underground DDS Crew, and quirky contemporary fittings include scientific display cabinets, elaborate easels and architectural reclamations.

In addition to ongoing print and design collaborations with artists, Laz Emporium will host a programme of literary events, poetry readings and exhibitions featuring creative talents and cultural forerunners, starting with photographer and filmmaker Ewen Spencer. 

Steve Lazarides: Rave Captured opens on the 10th of February until the 10th of March 2022 at House of Laz

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