Robyn Lynch: Greetings from Ireland

Robyn Lynch: Greetings from Ireland

Robyn Lynch: Greetings from Ireland
8th December 2023 – 25th February 2024
NOW Gallery
Greenwich Peninsula

Irish-born, London-based menswear designer Robyn Lynch is awarded the NOW Gallery 2023 Fashion Commission, seeing Lynch present her debut exhibition entitled ‘Greetings from Ireland’ a bouncy castle getaway into the not-so-serious, fun, feel-good world of Robyn Lynch at London’s prestigious NOW Gallery on London’s Greenwich Peninsula from Friday 8th December 2023 – Sunday 25th February 2024.

Robyn Lynch uses her brand to communicate interwoven notions of Irish identity and cultural narratives, reminiscing fond nostalgic memories of growing up on the outskirts of Dublin in a pre-social age. ‘Greetings from Ireland’ exposes the vigorous research, design and documentation process behind the scenes of her eponymous label, shining light on the community and collaborators who have helped shape the brand.

Pivoting away from the traditional polished presentation of fashion week towards a consumer-first approach, Lynch explores new ways of engaging, educating and connecting with audiences in response to the changing consumer digest and TikTok appetite for authenticity. ‘Greetings from Ireland’ presents a fun, real and relatable insight into the Robyn Lynch world, opening an accessible entry point to the brand for all to experience.

Housed within an alien-like giant smiley face bouncy castle caged by scaffolding, Lynch partners with Irish Artist, Set Designer and long-term collaborator Rory Mullen to create the paradox installation. The pair bring together their shared evocative vision and playful design approach to create a structure symbolic of the brand, embodying Robyn Lynch’s nostalgic inspiration, light-hearted humour and rough and ready aesthetic, still work in progress.

Robyn Lynch: Greetings from Ireland

Set Designer Rory Mullen says, “I wanted to create a physical space to house the rich essence of Robyn’s practice. Inviting the viewer to enter into an inflatable structure – enveloping and immersing them in Robyn’s memories, family, national identity and sense of humour that is essential to her brand. The structure is influenced by 1960’s utopian housing – bringing together its ideals of optimism and playfulness.”

‘Greetings from Ireland’ straddles photography, film, music and technology in a vivid cross-pollination of multi-media documenting the life of the brand and the creative process from concept to construction culminating in community. The exhibition opens into the headspace of the studio as reels of camera roll footage documenting every source of inspiration and decision-making process flood the room.

Toiles suspended from the ceiling pinned with scribbled notes embellished with spelling mistakes hang unfinished, idolised in isolation, inviting the viewer to examine the meticulous design and development process, reflecting on the evolution of a collection from ideation to development. This honest, unedited installation epitomises the rawness of Lynch’s design approach and visual aesthetic. Lynch hopes in exposing the heart and soul of the label, viewers will find familiarity, relating to the brand, with a much deeper and personal understanding of Robyn Lynch.

The exhibition culminates in a retrospective documenting the brands journey from working on the kitchen table to the present day, weaving together behind-the-scenes footage from the studio to fashion week alongside a snapshot of the community and creatives who have adopted and grown with the brand. The documentary-style film captures the fun, vibrant, youthful energy of Robyn Lynch, depicting the final stages of the creative process, the showcase of the brand, when the collection is born and worn in the real world.

Bringing the audience into the centre of the Robyn Lynch world, Lynch partners with ongoing collaborator, videogame developer and publisher Kepler to create an interactive video installation with acclaimed new media artist Pauric Freeman. The installation applies Lynch’s subversive, tongue-in-cheek design approach to new digital contexts as digital clothing and graphics are super-imposed onto the audience’s body, which changes with every move. This final stage of the exhibition opens the
brand for all to experience, inviting anybody and everybody to feel part of the Robyn Lynch brand.

Greetings from Ireland’ presents a real, relatable and relevant insight into the Robyn Lynch world, opening an accessible entry point for audiences to discover and connect with the brand. Lynch wants viewers to leave the exhibition with a deeper understanding and awareness of the label, feeling part of the community.

Robyn Lynch: Greetings from Ireland opens on the 8th of December 2023 until the 25th of February 2024 at NOW Gallery

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