Nature’s Confetti at Outernet London

Nature’s Confetti

Nature’s Confetti at Outernet London
4th April, 2024 – 28th April, 2024
Outernet London

A new blossom experience – Nature’s Confetti – is blooming at the London’s Outernet as the National Trust aims to bring the beauty of this special moment in nature’s calendar to more Londoners, commuters and visitors to the capital. Outernet London – the most visited cultural attraction in the UK – is an immersive entertainment space housing giant floor to ceiling wraparound screens[1] – the most advanced of their kind in the world.

As part of the charity’s annual Blossom campaign, visitors to the space will be able to enjoy the power and beauty of ‘nature’s confetti’ as they experience the illusion of petals raining down on them from above.

Nature’s Confetti at Outernet London
Installation view

Designed by the Outernet’s creative team, the three-minute video will feature twice an hour in The Now Building, just off Tottenham Court Road, accompanied by specially composed music by Father[2] to match the uplifting and inspirational visuals – and help people connect to nature even in central London. In addition, an interactive element where visitors will be able to use their body movements to control and see how blossom trees grow on the screens will also form part of the experience.

The immersive experience has been created using a combination of shots that cut between the city vista and close ups of blossom bursting into life, plus audio recordings from National Trust places including Petworth House and Park in West Sussex, to echo the authentic sounds of nature in the UK.

Nisha Nath, Head of Brand and Creative at the National Trust said: “We’re really thrilled to see this immersive concept come to life and to bring the power of blossom to the heart of the city.

Nature’s Confetti at Outernet London
Installation view

Jessica Dracup-Holland, Chief Marketing Officer from Outernet commented: “We want audiences to feel immersed in nature, to transport them through the beauty and magic of blossom. We want to encourage a sense of wonderment and rejuvenation, a haven in the centre of London that will transport and inspire.”

As well as enjoying the sheer spectacle of the piece, there is an important message too – how we must cherish the glory of nature in the face of ever-increasing environmental threats and ensure many generations to come are able to enjoy the coming of spring, heralded by blossom.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to donate to the Trust’s Plant a Tree appeal, which will help plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030, four million of which are expected to be blossom varieties. Since the early 1900s, 81 per cent of the UK’s traditional orchards have been lost, and around half of all hedgerows have disappeared in Britain since 1945. Through donations to the Plant a Tree Appeal here, the charity will be able to plant even more blossoming trees and hedgerows. There will also be a ‘tap to donate’ station in the space from 20-28 April.

The National Trust’s Blossom campaign is supported by players of People’s Postcode

Nature’s Confetti opens on the 4th of April, 2024 until the 28th of April, 2024 at Outernet London

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