Mitochondria Gallery at SCOPE Miami 2023

Mitochondria Gallery at SCOPE Miami 2023

Mitochondria Gallery at SCOPE Miami 2023
5th Decemebr 2023 – 12th December 2023
Miami Beach Scope
Pavilion: Booth H015
801 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Mitochondria Gallery is pleased to be in Miami again, this year at the 22nd edition of SCOPE Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Pavilion on Ocean Drive. We will be at Booth H015 starting Tuesday December 5th for VIP previews, and from Wednesday December 6th to Sunday December 10th for general admission. We will be presenting new works by Moyosore Martins, a Nigerian artist based in New York City and Nedia Were from Nairobi, Kenya. The booth exemplifies our diverse international program with some of the most unique and adventurous artists from Africa and the African diaspora.

Mitochondria Gallery at SCOPE Miami 2023
Moyosore Martins, Follow the light you seek, 2023
© Mitochondria Gallery

Moyosore Martins bridges abstract, figurative, and iconographic symbolism. He expresses the beauty in the figure and the depth of its subject; he obsesses with a cartoon-like character that imbues his iconography and that has a deep symbolic meaning. His approach is narrative and realistic in the early works, returning to his childhood memories. Martins expresses the emotion of the characters he deftly paints, the backgrounds layered, manipulated, scratched, and then infused
with text.

He places himself in the canvas, in the artwork, in spirit and name, even his birthdate. He scribbles words, mathematical formulas, mantras, and prayers. He visually expresses his internal conversation, which shifts as his world does—as a visual biography. He resists being put in a box. His unique use of materials and story is the chord that ties his work together. Martins has participated in multiple international art fairs, and solo exhibitions in addition to a museum exhibition at the Nassau County Museum, New York.

Nedia Were is a self-taught contemporary visual artist, who was born and raised in Kenya. He currently resides in Nairobi. A major inspiration in Nedia’s style of painting was influenced by his grandfather’s love of reading newspapers. Nedia was intrigued by reading the events and topics covered in these papers and he found a deep connection with the events reported in the news.

Mitochondria Gallery at SCOPE Miami 2023
Nedia Were, Brother, 2023
© Mitochondria Gallery

In reaction to these feelings, Nedia decided to create art that promotes internal and external dialogue on societal shortcomings. Nedia has participated in over 30 exhibitions. Since his successful debut of the “Mumwamu” series at Mitochondria Gallery, Nedia has continued to receive major excitement around his work. He was listed the second most followed emerging artist on Artsy in 2022.

He participated in the XIV Florence Biennale. Nedia’s work has received institutional recognition with exhibitions at the Wall House Museum St. Barthelemy, the Nairobi National Museum, and his work is part of the permanent collection at the New Museum, Berlin.

©2023 Mitochondria Gallery

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