Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate

Marco Brambilla - Heaven's Gate
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Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate
22nd January
, 2023 – 12th March 2023
Outernet London
The Now
Centre Point

From January 22nd and every Sunday 12pm-6pm until 12th March 2023 Heaven’s Gate, a monumental new work by Marco Brambilla will be on view for the first time in Europe.

Heaven’s Gate presents the spectacle of the Hollywood dream factory as a panoramic video collage where we ascend through psychedelic landscapes of looping samples of iconic moments in cinematic history. The work at once celebrates and satirizes pop culture, engulfing the viewer in a hyper-saturation of imagery almost impossible to sustain.

Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate
Marco Brambilla Heaven’s Gate

Marco Brambilla said: “I was initially approached to show this work in the space which led to my curating the Arts program. I was able to invite artists whose work I admire to show new works in this exciting recently launched space.

I’m thrilled to be presenting Heaven’s Gate in a context which will embrace the spectacle intrinsic to the concept of the work and now also in its presentation” Outernet Arts unites an international network of both established and emerging artists through commissions investigating the intricate concept of ‘the media space; a platform in which artist-led projects prompt larger conversations around our lives in a world dominated by the digital era.

Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate
Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate Installation view

Previously, Outernet Arts has presented exhibitions by Simon Denny who for Dotcom Seance selected 21 dotcom era companies declared ‘dead’ in the wake of the ostensible dotcom crash in the early 2000s, with the purpose of “resurrecting” their existence as it stands in a contemporary setting and Acute Art’ Hilma af Klint The Temple, an experience that invites visitors into the spiritual world of esteemed Swedish artist Hilma af Klint.

Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate opens on 22nd of January 2023 until 12th March 2023
at Outernet London

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