Maison Pan Open Studio

Maison Pan Open Studio

Maison Pan Open Studio
2nd March 11am – 6pm – 3rd March 12 – 5pm
Maison Pan
2 Hobhouse Court
Whitcomb St

Maison Pan opened in October 2023, this artist-run space nestles within the ancient Vaults of the National Gallery near the iconic Trafalgar Square. Maison Pan not only echoes the rich artistic history of its location but also vibrates with contemporary creative energy, making it a unique fusion of the past and the present. The space will host its first Open Studios on the 2nd & 3rd of March 2024. 

Maison Pan Open Studio
Maison Pan Corridor

Maison Pan is more than an art studio; it’s a community. Housing 8 diverse studios alongside a dynamic project space, it serves as a crucible for artistic expression and collaboration. The artists at Maison Pan are as varied as their mediums, embracing sculpture, painting, photography, and more, reflecting the multifaceted nature of modern art. Their works are not just displays of individual prowess but are conversations with the viewer, the space, and the wider community.

Each artist at Maison Pan brings a unique perspective, contributing to an eclectic but harmonious collective. Our artists are Marie Obegi (Painter)Cyrus Mahboubian (photographer) , Lydia Smith (sculptor), Peter Famosa a.k.a EARTHBO (filmmaker)Patendoyart (painter) , Izaak Brandt (sculptor)Elizabeth Abel (painter) and An Effort Art (art residency). From the bold, tactile sculptures that challenge our perception of space and form, to the evocative paintings that weave stories through color and texture, and the candid photographs capturing unguarded moments of life, each studio is a portal to a different realm of imagination and creativity.

Maison Pan Open Studio
Maison Pan Exhibition space

Maison Pan’s commitment to community engagement extends beyond the walls of its studios. The project space hosts a range of activities including workshops, talks, and exhibitions, inviting the public to not just witness art but to experience and interact with it. This approach fosters a deeper connection between the artists and the community, positioning Maison Pan as a hub of artistic exchange and learning.

Maison Pan Open Studio
Maison Pan exhibition space

As Maison Pan embarks on its journey, it promises to be more than a destination for art enthusiasts; it’s set to become a pulsating center of creativity and collaboration in Central London. It stands as a testament to the power of community-driven art, continually evolving and shaping the cultural landscape of the city.

Maison Pan Open Studio is open from the 2nd March 11am until the 3rd March at Maison Pan

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