Discover Hong Kong’s flourishing art scene as Hong Kong Arts Month commences

Discover Hong Kong's flourishing art scene as Hong Kong Arts Month commences

Immerse yourself in the creative spirit of Hong Kong this spring! As Hong Kong Arts Month commences, we invite you to delve into the city’s flourishing art scene, with its myriad of exhibitions and galleries springing to life this March, injecting an extra burst of vibrancy into Hong Kong’s dynamic cityscape.

Experience the grandeur of Art Basel, Hong Kong‘s premier international art fair, and marvel at the enchanting array of colourful, luminous installations at Tamar Park. Every corner of the city brims with artworks and installations; a journey of visual and cultural enrichment awaits!

Discover the hidden gems in local art districts like Wong Chuk Hang and Fo Tan, where innovative galleries showcase cutting-edge contemporary art. Wander through the streets of Central, where public art projects transform the urban environment into an open-air museum. Participate in engaging workshops and interactive art talks that bring together art enthusiasts and experts from around the globe.

Be mesmerized by the vibrant street art in Mong Kok and Sheung Wan, reflecting Hong Kong’s unique cultural identity and stories. Visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art for its latest exhibitions, highlighting local and international talent. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the creative hubs and artist studios in Chai Wan, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic process.

As night falls, the city lights up with Art Night events, featuring live performances, music, and multimedia shows, blending art with Hong Kong’s electrifying nightlife. Whether you are an art connoisseur or a curious traveller, Hong Kong Arts Month promises an unforgettable exploration of creativity, culture, and inspiration. Embrace the artful adventure that Hong Kong has to offer this spring!

Things to see during Hong Kong Arts Month

ComplexCon Hong Kong 

Discover Hong Kong's flourishing art scene as Hong Kong Arts Month commences

Dates: 22nd March – 24th March 2024 

The most prominent fashion festival in the United States is coming to Hong Kong for the first time as part of Hong Kong Arts Month. ComplexCon is known for showcasing the world’s most influential brands and artists in pop and urban culture. The event will take place over two days, and attendees can look forward to experiencing fashion, art, food, music, inspiration, and more. It is located just a few minutes away from Hong Kong International Airport, making it a must-visit for pop culture enthusiasts.

WestK’s FunFest ‘Ephemeral’ Installation

Discover Hong Kong's flourishing art scene as Hong Kong Arts Month commences

Dates: 22nd March – 7th April 2024

This spring, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority will present the ‘Ephemeral‘ installation as part of the WestK FunFest. The installation will combine light, soundscapes, and giant, translucent rainbow-hued bubbles. Created by the award-winning Sydney-based design studio Atelier Sisu, this thought-provoking, immersive public art installation aims to unite people in fleeting moments of connection and community through a playful shared experience.

Art@Harbour 2024: teamLab’s ‘Continuous’ Exhibition

Dates: 25th March – 2nd June 2024

The teamLab: ‘Continuousexhibition is situated at Tamar Park and the Central and Western District Promenade. This exhibition is a celebration of the persistence of life and features numerous luminous installations spread across the lawns of Tamar Park and Victoria Harbour. As visitors interact with the installations, they will continuously change colours and sounds. Even if they are pushed over by waves, blown by the wind, or pushed by people, these structures will continue to stand. Furthermore, the decorated trees in the park will also respond to visitors with their own shifting coloured lights and sounds.

Art Central

Discover Hong Kong's flourishing art scene as Hong Kong Arts Month commences

Dates: 28th – 31st March 2024 

Art Central, a contemporary art exhibition, is returning to Hong Kong‘s Central Harbourfront after a four-year hiatus. The exhibition will showcase innovative galleries and distinguished artists worldwide, highlighting Asia’s emerging artistic talent. Art Central is renowned for its unique identity in Hong Kong’s visual arts scene and is committed to showcasing the best in global contemporary art. This year, Art Central will introduce a new sector, “Neo,” showcasing cutting-edge and undiscovered artists in a small yet prominent space.

Art Basel Hong Kong

Discover Hong Kong's flourishing art scene as Hong Kong Arts Month commences
Galleries Nanzuka

Dates: 28th – 30th March 2024

Art Basel Hong Kong is the biggest international art fair in Hong Kong and is considered the crown jewel of the month-long celebrations. The fair showcases premier galleries from Asia and beyond, offering visitors an extensive overview of the diversity of modern and contemporary works by established and emerging artists. With over 240 world-class galleries and 16 large-scale installations, Art Basel Hong Kong is an event not to be missed.

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