Back in the Dazed: RANKIN 1991-2001

Back in the Dazed: RANKIN 1991-2001
Aron & Chris, Feel It, Dazed & Confused, Issue 63, 2000 (c) Rankin
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Back in the Dazed: RANKIN 1991-2001
29th May, 2024 – 23rd June, 2024
180 Studios
180 Strand

A new exhibition from photographer Rankin, Back in the Dazed: RANKIN 1991-2001 highlights one photographer and one magazine, across one memorable decade. From cult celebrities, to musical icons and the world’s top Supermodels, Rankin was at the forefront of Cool Britannia and the 90’s style which is still popular today. Co-founder and Dazed & Confused’s first Photographic Editor, Rankin’s visual style helped launch the magazine and defined the aesthetics of multiple generations of British youth.

Those early years were great for experimentation. For me, just starting out, I was like a blank canvas. Because we were pretty naively fearless, we did things that ended up really changing culture.


Across 10 years Rankin photographed over 200 iconic editorial shoots for the magazine, and his work from this period forms a manifesto about how to view the world, a political statement communicated not with words but with a camera lens.

Unafraid of mainstream pressures, with Dazed, Rankin spearheaded LGBTQIA+
representation, took his camera to the street to photograph working-class kids, became “the” photographer for Brit-pop bands, and created defining images of emerging cult actors. Not an artist of rarefied tastes, Rankin handed notions of “high-culture” to everyday people. With Dazed, he gave ordinary teenagers their voice and allowed them access to, and opinions on, everything from contemporary art to experimental music.

Back in the Dazed: RANKIN 1991-2001
photo of skin taken by Rankin

Back in the Dazed: RANKIN 1991-2001 is the first retrospective in the UK of Rankin’s ground breaking works over this prescient decade. More vital than ever, through Rankin’s eye you’re invited to explore the culture and creative community that was celebrated world-over. Back in the Dazed is a love letter to youthful creativity, all as captured by one legendary photographer and published by one seminal magazine.

Back in the Dazed: RANKIN 1991-2001 opens on the 29th of May, 2024 until the 23rd of June, 2024 at 180 Studios

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