Conor Murgatroyd Captures The Banality Of Everyday Life
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Conor Murgatroyd: WINDOWS stages the scene of human interaction and how it is vital to everyday life, whilst documenting how each individuals journey is unique, but at the same time universal in its shared similarity. His informative perception sets these works in the context of his personal life. This series of paintings captures a life beyond the interior four walls, depicting a contemporary nostalgia that is lost but not forgotten.


Murgatroyd provides a much-needed perspective on this important moment in world history, bringing together for the first time in this series of paintings, a focus of togetherness, and human spirit; offering purity in their intentional naive visual pleasure whilst at the same time submerging them in witty humour. These works document the importance of togetherness that we long for again, and a sense of community. Understanding that the last year has been an exercise in resilience, patience and strength; they are a celebration of a community reaching to overcome the many obstacles caused by the pandemic.

Avin a Butchers

His depictions of the human figure and how they interact with each other represent a moment without technology, creating a timeless quality that transcends time and places, to become a profound statement of the current human condition. Murgatroyd reveals the truth about our everyday, centred around interactions within our local communities, the interior life of ordinary people at an extraordinary time. These places from his everyday represent distinctly British architectural vernacular that presents a common thread within communities.


They are a reminder to people of how our stories are all very unique but similar at the same time and the characters we meet on our individual journey are special and shape us as people and how we treat each other. The past is much a part of our present as our future. The exhibition comprises of 8 new paintings to be viewed online and in person upon request. WINDOWS also marks the launch of Conor Murgatroyd’s first Limited Edition NFT’s to be launched on the 9th April, more details to follow.

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