8 Rue Charlot

8 Rue Charlot

8 Rue Charlot Group Show
27th January, 2024 – 25th February, 2024
8 Rue Charlot
75003 Paris, France

What better way to start the year with its new encounters, companions and challenges than by highlighting solidarity and togetherness? In great excitement, Ruttkowski;68 presents the group show 8 Rue Charlot in Paris.

8 Rue Charlot
Dennis Buck
Underwater, on a rock, a sea urchin and me became friends, 2024
vinyl, silicone on vinyl
150 x 110 cm, 59 x 43 1/4 in

Acknowledging what has been while standing in the midst of what will be, the gallery steps back to let an interplay of upcoming artists and their works unfold. This sneak peak of what 2024 has to offer, enables a unique dialogue – both between positions that form a symbiosis and those that drift apart from each other – creating a promising tension and captivating perspectives to look forward to.

8 Rue Charlot
Daniel Weissbach Stelle #51, 2016
acrylic and lacquer on canvas
190 x 200 cm, 74 3/4 x 78 3/4 in

With works by:
Frédéric Platéus
Dennis Buck
Michael Günzer
Philip Emde
Paz de la Huerta
Carolina Aguirre
Daniel Weissbach
Guim Tió
Matt Dillon

8 Rue Charlot Group Show 27th January, 2024 – 25th February, 2024 at Ruttkowski;68 Paris

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