Zen Xander: Society Falling

Zen Xander: Society Falling

Zen Xander: Society Falling
Until August 9th 2024
Grove Gallery
156 New Cavendish St

Zen Xander, is an anonymous street artist known for his satirical approach to fine art. Xander’s work blurs the lines between street art and fine art, using humour and irony to critique contemporary society. As he transitions from the streets to the gallery, Xander maintains his playful and provocative edge, exploring themes of modern absurdities and societal contradictions. His pieces often feature animals in incongruous situations, highlighting the surreal nature of modern life.

VR Vegan

For instance, in “VR Vegan,” a lion dons a virtual reality headset while eating a bowl of salad, poking fun at the disconnect between reality and virtual experiences, as well as the sometimes-contradictory nature of dietary choices. Another notable work, “ALWAYS A CHEETAH” depicts a cheetah on a scooter, humorously addressing themes of laziness and the avoidance of natural abilities. Xander’s art is not just visually engaging but also thought-provoking, encouraging viewers to question the world around them. His work, such as the bear delicately eating sushi with chopsticks or the dog meditating with a VR headset, challenges perceptions and invites a deeper contemplation of the everyday absurdities in life.

HD Giraphics

By remaining anonymous, Zen Xander continues to perform graffiti sctunts, preserving his roots in street art while making waves in the fine art world. His unique blend of satire, social commentary, and artistic skill ensures that his work resonates with a broad audience, making him a compelling figure in contemporary art.

Zen Xander: Society Falling

In a distinctive approach to his print runs, Zen Xander offers limited edition prints that include quotes selected based on feedback from his audience. While the original artworks remain quoteless, there is always space for a quote.

Prints are released with three to five different quotes in limited edition drops, allowing collectors to choose their favourite version. This innovative method not only adds a personal touch to each piece but also engages his audience in the creative process, making each print run a unique and highly sought-after collection

Zen Xander: Society Falling is on until August 9th 2024 at Grove Gallery

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