What Does Tier 3 Lockdown Mean For Art Lovers

What Does Tier 3 Lockdown Mean For Art Lovers
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The lifting of London’s lockdown on December 2 came as much needed breath of fresh air. It felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and normality was slowly returning.

However, the tunnel was barely lit, and before we knew it, the reports flooded in confirming the dramatic rise of Covid-19 infection rate, pushing London into tier 3 lockdown. From midnight tonight, December 15, the capital will go into tier 3 restrictions, forcing the closure of all entertainment venues including art galleries, museums and theatres.

What Does Tier 3 Lockdown Mean For Art Lovers

What does this mean for art lovers? 

In tier 3, this will mean all indoor venues must close. Museums, art galleries, theatres and concert halls will shut. Tier 3 restrictions also apply to indoor facilities in mostly outdoor venues, such as sculpture parks, botanical gardens and landmarks. 

You will not be able to make ‘unnecessary’ trips outside of your tier area, including overnight trips. Also, as with tier 2, you bring your tier restrictions with you, this includes no breaching of county lines to visit galleries located in lower tiers. 

The Christmas season, between 23 and 27 December, when the government allowed three households to form a ‘Christmas’ bubble, is not exempt either. It would be best if you stayed within your household.