Visionary Designer Philippe Starck Reimagines The Iconic PERRIER® Bottle

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As PERRIER® celebrates its 160th anniversary, the brand continues to amaze. To celebrate its birthday with talent and panache, PERRIER® is reimagining its iconic green bottle and will announce other upcoming surprises. The new limited edition PERRIER® + STARCK® will be launched in the international market in mid-October; a brand-new version of the iconic glass bottle whose shape has been redesigned, for the first time in its history, by visionary creator Philippe Starck. In the version re – envisioned by Starck, the PERRIER® bottle becomes a distinct and unique creative object, both remarkable and elegant, without compromise to its iconic shape.


Taking inspiration from Fresnel’s optical lens design and the way it diffracts light, the thin horizontal streaks carved into the glass surface of the PERRIER® + STARCK® bottle create visual interest through a play on optics and light, illuminating the tremendous energy source and poetry contained within its bubbles. A creative evolution in terms of both design and functionality to celebrate the legendary energy of the French symbol, PERRIER®.


Through his multifaceted inventiveness, his vision and his mission – delivering creation, in whatever form, to elevate the life of the many, Philippe Starck grounds himself in a paradox: embracing, and indeed often anticipating, the zeitgeist to bring lasting creations to life. As a trailblazer, an inventor, a dreamer, a creator, an architect, a designer and an art director, he puts his art of innovation at the service of democratic creation, with a focus on action and respect for both the human and natural heritage.

Photo Anne Lou Buzot

Developing a prolific body of works across all fields: everyday items (juicer, furniture, electric bicycle, individual wind turbine), architecture (hotels and restaurants aspiring to become places of inspiration), naval and spatial engineering, he has become one of the most visionary and recognisable creative figures on the contemporary international scene.

PERRIER®, a globally recognised symbol and a monument of French heritage, approached me to reimagine the design of their iconic bottle. Keeping the essence of an icon unaltered, it’s possible to distort and play with the shape to apply current parameters to a timeless form. This is what I did with the addition of this highly technical horizontal grooving, which creates a natural rigidity.

But it’s not just about technique, it’s also about exploring the Unknown. In my project, the Unknown is encapsulated in the notion that each bubble is a magnifying glass, and that by using the structure to shape a Fresnel lens, I could create an optical surprise, bringing intrigue and a spark of fantasy.

Visionary Designer Philippe Starck Reimagines The Iconic PERRIER® Bottle

As a child, I always used to be afraid that the bottle would slip from my hands. I would clutch it very tightly, to the point where it hurt. This is why I chose this striated pattern. The bottle clings to me, I cling to the bottle: another form of play. And you’ll see it, in this new bottle, the bubbles are absolutely out of this world.” – PHILIPPE STARCK


In 1906, British – born St John Harmsworth, founder and owner of the PERRIER® brand, designed the shape of the now famous green bottle, drawing inspiration from the elegant and practical curves of Indian juggling clubs he used daily for exercise. From royal tables at Buckingham Palace to daring imagery developed by the brand, its legendary shape has changed very little over the years, elevating it to the status of an international icon. The PERRIER® bottle was first created and is still manufactured today in Vergèze, in the South of France, where the source is located.

Visionary Designer Philippe Starck Reimagines The Iconic PERRIER® Bottle


Philippe Starck is the first creator invited to revisit the iconic shape of the famous green PERRIER® bottle. The PERRIER® + STARCK® design is the latest example of the brand’s time – honoured tradition of collaborations with celebrated creative figures.

Visionary Designer Philippe Starck Reimagines The Iconic PERRIER® Bottle

Throughout its 160 – year history, PERRIER® has worked with some of the world’s most influential artists and creative figures, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac, Jean Carlu, Jean-Gabriel Domergue and Takashi Murakami, each contributing their own unique artistic vision to revisit the French brand’s image.


From mid – October 2023, PERRIER® + STARCK® glass bottles will be available in two sizes: 31.1cl and 72.7cl.

©2023 Philippe Starck, PERRIER®

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