TYRONE DEANS: Systemic Freedom

Thompson’s Gallery London are proud to present ‘Systemic Freedom, the debut solo exhibition of painter Tyrone Deans. Born in London to a Jamaican family, Deans is a licensed architect balancing a fine art practice from various studios between Brixton, Sweden, and Kingston. Tyrone’s work is deliberately material and inquisitive, exploring concepts of identity, culture, and class with every layer applied to the surface. As colourful as they are complex, Deans’ paintings are inviting and open-ended by nature; acknowledging his relinquished control over meaning when experienced outside of the studio’s solitude.


The title ‘Systemic Freedom’ is a nod to the contrast between Deans’ two main destinations for producing work- Sweden and Jamaica. The artist makes surrounding and environment so integral, that elements such as sand, salt, and soil are mixed into the paint and applied to the canvas as materials in their own right. Often opting to paint outdoors, Deans works undeterred by change in weather – whipping winds through the chilly forest in Sweden and afternoon rainstorms
in Kingston don’t stop the process, but add to a piece’s development.

Salt Wata

An unlikely but delightful harmony is achieved across ‘Precisely Free’, part painted in the structured, scheduled days the Swedish studio; the other created in the laid-back hum of Jamaica’s warm weather and curious passers-by.

This exhibition runs from 18th May – 5th June 2021 at Thompson’s Gallery London, 3 Seymour Place W1H5AZ.


©2021 Tyrone Deans, Thompson’s Gallery

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