Travel Destinations as Custom Wall Art: A New Trend in Home Decor

Travel Destinations as Custom Wall Art: A New Trend in Home Decor

It’s crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends. One trend currently making waves in the world of design and home decor is using personal travel photos as wall art. This captivating approach is not just transforming these photos into stunning custom wall art—it’s setting a new standard for home decor. In this article, we will explore why travel destinations have become a favoured theme for custom wall art and how they can enrich the character of any room and the atmosphere of your home.

Nothing beats a Personal Touch with custom wall art

One reason why individuals are increasingly gravitating towards this trend is that nothing beats a personal touch. Instead of opting for mass-produced artwork available in stores or pieces created by professional artists, people are choosing to sift through their digital photos stored on phones or computers. As they reminisce about the places they’ve traveled, these magical moments become the inspiration for their walls’ next masterpieces.

Whether it’s a captivating photograph snapped on the French Riviera, a serene moment by a pool, or a map showcasing all the places they’ve explored, integrating these adventures into their decor helps establish home surroundings that reflect their individuality and life stories. Technology has made it easier than ever, with countless online tools available, creating your own custom wall art has never been easier.

Rekindle Fond Memories

The art of travelling lies in the memories you get to keep forever, creating unforgettable moments that linger over time. Framing these in your very own custom wall art can evoke those special moments each time you enter a room and gaze at your memories framed on the wall. It’s like entering a window in time that transports you back to your days of intrepid discovery. Immersing yourself in these experiences right in your own home stirs up emotions of nostalgia and reignites the desire to travel once again. Imagine, for instance, how a panoramic view of the Amalfi coast in your living room can bring a rush of joy and peace each time you look at it.

Travel Destinations as Custom Wall Art: A New Trend in Home Decor
Custom wall art of the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Your Very Own Artistic Masterpiece

Apart from cherishing your memories, using images of your previous travel destinations as customized wall decorations is not only an artistic act but also a standout feature of your home. These one-of-a-kind pieces pique interest and ignite conversations among visitors. Each image takes center stage, narrating its own story and adding visual allure and dimension to any room. Detailed methods like high-quality printing on canvas or metal can dramatically transform a space. Instead of opting for decor that fades into obscurity, incorporating travel destinations into your wall art creates a bold and captivating expression of your personality.

Sparking Conversations

Interior décor goes beyond creating an aesthetically pleasing environment—it transforms a space into a place you can truly call your own. Its underlying aim is to nurture connections and meaningful interactions. This is where your travel destinations, transformed into personalized wall art, come into play. They serve as a starting point for conversations, giving you a chance to be the center of attention as you share stories about your travels or simply show off to your friends. Intrigued by the stories behind each piece, your guests may even recount their own travel experiences, fostering a fun-loving exchange that invites you to bond on a deeper level through shared journeys.

Travel Destinations as Custom Wall Art: A New Trend in Home Decor
Paris, France

Design Flexibility

One significant advantage of using custom wall art is the flexibility it offers in design options. Whether it’s maps, abstract cityscapes, or artistic illustrations of famous landmarks, the choices depend largely on what’s lurking in your camera roll. However, even if you’re not much of a traveller but still desire a travel-themed piece, you can support independent artists or photographers who capture breathtaking moments. These can then be transformed into your custom wall art. The possibilities are endless, giving you the freedom to match the artwork with your decor or use it as inspiration to redesign your space. With a range of features at your fingertips, you can select colours, sizes, and framing styles that perfectly suit the vibe of your room or home.

Wrapping Up

Utilizing travel destinations as custom wall art has surged in popularity, allowing individuals to infuse their living spaces with personal memories and showcase their wanderlust. These artistic pieces not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of a home but also spark conversations among family, friends, and guests, serving as vivid reminders of adventures enjoyed at various travel locales. This trend has become particularly poignant during periods of lockdown, as highlighted by a dramatic increase in searches for artwork featuring beaches and trees on Artfinder—rising 94% and 74%, respectively, during the first lockdown from March to June 2020.

Many have sought to bring elements of the outside world into their homes amid ongoing uncertainty. Furthermore, despite typically being associated with summer decor, Google searches for ‘beach artwork’ increased by 24% during the second lockdown in November 2020, indicating a sustained desire to create serene, vacation-like environments at home. So what are you waiting for? Open your camera roll and start making your custom wall art today.