Theresah Ankomah: Yɛ yɛ dɔm, 2023

Theresah Ankomah
Theresah Ankomah Sakasaka, 2022 (detail)

The 2023 edition of 1-54 London will see renowned artist Theresah Ankomah present a new woven installation titled Yɛ yɛ dɔm within the soaring rotunda of Somerset House’s Nelson Staircase. Theresah Ankomah pushes the boundaries of art by exploring the intricacies of weaving and craft in relation to issues of geopolitics, consumerism, gender, identity, and capitalism.

Theresah Ankomah: Yɛ yɛ dɔm, 2023
TAHH 1-54 Theresah Ankomah Yɛ yɛ dɔm

Through performative installations, sculpture, weaving, photography, basketry painting, and printmaking, Ankomah delves into the profound meanings embedded withineveryday objects. Ankomah’s artistic process involves assembling and disassembling woven objects, collaging and joining materials to create a disjointed yet cohesive body of work.

Theresah Ankomah: Yɛ yɛ dɔm, 2023
Theresah Ankomah, Golden Fields

Her practice goesbeyond the confines of traditional aesthetics, challenging preconceived notions andexamining the social and political dimensions of craft. By appropriating individual weavesfrom diverse encounters and narratives, she creates a rich tapestry of stories andexperiences.

1-54 London, 2023 Special Project

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