The Other Art Fair announces the world’s first fully three-dimensional virtual reality art fair

The Other Art Fair, presented by Saatchi Art, a leading fair for discovering emerging artists, will return to hosting physical editions of its popular event this summer and in addition has launched a pioneering new Virtual Edition model – the first fully three-dimensional virtual reality art fair.

The Other Art Fair Virtual Edition allows visitors a completely interactive art fair experience – they can navigate a traditional fair layout, browse stands, and in keeping with the ethos of The Other Art Fair, enjoy unparalleled direct access to the most exciting new artists. Each edition will provide hands-on workshops, a short-film programme and curator-led panel discussions and art investment advice. Online programmes hosted on the fair’s website will bring the experience of attending one of The Other Art Fair’s live events to life for a global audience. Next to launch will be The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, Virtual Edition which takes place in May.

These fully 3-D VR art fairs will be immersive round the clock experiences for worldwide audiences which will enliven the standard Online Viewing Rooms (OVRs) that have taken place in lieu of physical events over the past year. The Other Art Fair’s new VE model will not just be a stop gap during these uncertain times, however, the business has invested in ground-breaking 3-D technology to establish a robust, future-facing channel, to provide artists with an innovative, interactive online selling platform, ensuring secure, direct discussions with buyers, in line with the enduring principles of The Other Art Fair.

ONLINE ART SALES IN 2020 – The Financial Times, 16 March 2021 In March, the FT reported that: “Online sales doubled to a record $12.4bn in 2020, or 25 per cent of all art sales, up from a share of 9 per cent the previous year. It marked the first time that the art market, previously reluctant to venture online, exceeded the general retail industry, where ecommerce accounted for 18 per cent globally last year.” More than a third of the planned fairs offered an alternative digital version, or online viewing rooms, which on average attracted 100,000 viewers each. Millennials (aged 23-38) proved the most active buyers of art in 2020, with a median expenditure of $228,000.”

The Other Art Fair has witnessed an increase in people buying art online, and with travel restrictions expected to continue for the foreseeable future, The Other Art Fair is offering the most compelling and creative way for audiences to view and acquire art.

While much of the art world has been cautiously waiting to return to ‘normal’, The Other Art Fair has been taking a different approach. Aside from the global pandemic, The Other Art Fair’s desire to respond to environmental concerns and reduce its own and others’ carbon footprints has led to the development of this new 3D digital model which they envisage becoming an important ongoing channel.

This platform will expand the range of independent artists and enable accessibility for audiences from wherever they may be, promoting connections between artists and art lovers who will experience a new digital art world that hosts DIY workshops, including Zine-making, embroidery, and sound baths alongside digital installations and much more.

©2021 The Other Art Fair, Saatchi Art

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