Thai Mainhard: Problem-Solver

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Thai Mainhard: Problem-Solver
July 15, 2021 – August 27, 2021
373 Broadway
New York
NY 10013

In collaboration with Roman Sviridov Gallery (Milan, Italy), LAUNCH F18 is delighted to present an online viewing room and solo exhibition of Los Angeles artist, Thai Mainhard. Problem- Solver opens on Thursday, July 15, 2021 and remains on view through August 27, 2021. Problem-Solver is Mainhard’s debut solo exhibition in New York, and the first collaboration with the gallery.

Thai Mainhard: Problem-Solver
Thai Mainhard Untitled, 2021 Mixed media on canvas
16 x 14 in (40.64 x 35.56 cm) Unique

Art is the sum of all your experiences, all your emotions.

Thai Mainhard

Within this new series of paintings, Mainhard has created a body of works that combines expressive and gestural motions, alongside more controlled forms and blocks of color. Central to Mainhard’s work is the ability to strike balance between chaos and order, building upon a tension that is core to Mainhard’s practice. Using a variety of media, the artist constructs her work with oil paint, oil stick and even at times with charcoal, producing a variety of visual effects and painting techniques

Thai Mainhard: Problem-Solver
Thai Mainhard, Problem-Solver.
LAUNCH F18, New York, July 15 – August 27, 2021

Exploring formal painting qualities, Mainhard captures shape, light, color and multiple planes that seize the complexities of human emotions on a two-dimensional surface. Within these works lies abstract autobiographical elements that present the artist in unique, vulnerable, and deeply personal moments. The compositions featured in Problem-Solver showcase the power of expression and tie these works to the lineage of a greater history of human expression, conveying the lasting desire to connect people through building visual imagery.

Born and raised in Brazil with strong Italian and Spanish heritage, Thai Mainhard moved to California in 2010. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including a recent two-person exhibition at Simard Bilodeau Contemporary in Los Angeles, CA and her most recent solo exhibition at Roman Svirdov Gallery in Milan, Italy. Mainhard lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Thai Mainhard: Problem-Solver opens on July 15, 2021 until August 27, 2021 at LAUNCH F18

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