TAAH Unveils “All that is Hidden and Whole” at the 1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech

TAAH Unveils "All that is Hidden and Whole" at the 1 - 54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech

All that is Hidden and Whole
The African Art Hub (TAAH)
1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair

The African Art Hub (TAAH) is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated 1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech, taking place from February 8th to 11th, 2024. TAAH will present the captivating exhibition, “All that is Hidden and Whole,” featuring the distinctive works of accomplished artists Sheila Fuseini (Ghana) and Gbemileke Adekunle (Nigeria). “All that is Hidden and Whole” invites art enthusiasts and collectors to explore the inner worlds and intricate journeys of Sheila Fuseini and Gbemileke Adekunle.

The exhibition encourages viewers to delve into the connections and contrasts between different approaches to painting, creating a space for profound connection and empathy with the artwork.


Sheila Fuseini’s “Evolution II” – A Journey of Growth and Advancement

Sheila Fuseini, a seasoned artist based in Accra, Ghana, takes center stage with her evolving series, “Evolution II.” Her artwork, akin to metaphorical doors and windows, beckons viewers to explore viscerally. Focused on personal narratives, Fuseini’s work allows for open-ended interpretations, enabling viewers to immerse themselves in the art. In “Evolution II,” Fuseini delves into the concept of growth and advancement, both in her artistic practice and personal life.

This evolving series represents her experimentation with the psychological aspects of evolution, revisiting earlier stages of experience with newfound knowledge and clarity. By reconsidering and improving upon core values, Fuseini aims to enhance future experiences. The series, starting with smaller works, signifies an evolution towards larger pieces with improved colour palettes and compositions.

GBEMILEKE Beyond the Edge

Gbemileke Adekunle’s Cultural Narratives and Personal Journey

Gbemileke Adekunle brings a deeply personal perspective to the exhibition. His works expose scenes of melancholy grounded in expressive figurations, narrating his deep interaction with his environment and his personal ordeal with past mental health issues and anxiety. His series, “Dementia,” unveils the agoraphobic inclinations of the artist, conveying a sense of being suspended in time and space while exploring the menace between the physical and mental states.

“My studio practice is rooted in the exploration and documentation of my ethnical background. It draws strongly on ranging issues from solitude to the complexity of heritage. Connecting with people’s emotions and minds as a visual artist is dutiful, invoking such through engaging and provocative representations is fundamental to human existence and development,” shares Gbemileke Adekunle.

Adekunle’s art, often described as expressionist with abstract undertones, utilizes acrylic, oil pastel, and charcoal to create striking textural experiences. The use of these materials results in a variety of textures on the canvas, from smooth and glossy to rough and gritty. These textures add depth and dimension to the artwork, providing viewers with a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual.

Gbemileke Adekunle’s art is deeply rooted in his ethnic background and personal experiences, capturing the essence of melancholy and expressive figurations. His work aims not only to engage viewers visually but also to provide a tactile or sensory experience.

TAAH Unveils "All that is Hidden and Whole" at the 1 - 54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech
SHEILA FUSEINI Burning Passion

Join TAAH at 1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair, Marrakech

TAAH invites art enthusiasts, collectors, and the public to witness the captivating exhibition “All that is Hidden and Whole” at the 1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech. The event promises to be a unique and enriching experience, showcasing the diverse and compelling narratives of African contemporary art.

TAAH “All that is Hidden and Whole” opens on February the 8th 2024 until February the 11th 2024 at 1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech

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