Selby Hurst Ingelfield: Cradle

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Selby Hurst Ingelfield: Cradle
1st-17th September 2022
Reem Gallery
4 Ham Yard

Selby Hurst Inglefield, one of the UK’s most exciting and fastest growing fine art textiles artists launches her first London solo exhibition ‘Cradle’ with leading contemporary street art gallery Reem Gallery in Ham Yard, Soho from 1st-17th September 2022.

Selby Hurst Ingelfield: Cradle
Selby Hurst Ingelfield

The Central Saint Martins fine art graduate will be bringing her unique body of work which includes textural works centered around furniture and wall hangings created to capture the physical and emotional states of security, safety and comfort, whilst remaining playful and kitsch. Building a loyal following on Instagram and international collectors, the artist’s work has also been picked up by Hollywood A-listers including actress Amanda Seyfried who commissioned a one off textiles cat chair titled ‘Mr Bitterman’ as a gift for her sister in 2021.

Selby Hurst Ingelfield: Cradle
The cat with no name 2022
91x70cm Wool on hessian

Trained as a fine artist, Selby HI was drawn back to her roots in textiles having been taught her skills by her mother, a textile artist and teacher growing up. Her technique of tufting (or rug punching) could be done using a machine however the artist chooses to create her works by hand. The soft texture of the works allows her to create a physical sense of comfort, while tufting by hand helps her to connect fully with the piece bringing together thoughts and memories that she wrestles with in the creative process. Her works take, on average, three weeks but have been known to take up to three months. 

Selby Hurst Ingelfield: Cradle
Now its just another day 2021

Inspired by the recurring theme of cats in nursery rhymes and folk stories, this irresistible exhibition takes on a very feline theme with chairs, dining table, benches textured and adorned to take on cat form! Whilst comforting textured wall hangings and lamps complete the domestic theme of ‘Cradle’. The artist says, “I’ve always wanted to take everyday, used furniture and find a way of giving it a new life in animal form! Cats came to me immediately as they evoke a real sense of comfort, warmth and domesticity which are themes I explore a lot through my work.”

Creative Director at Reem Gallery, Phoebe Minson says “Reem Gallery is excited to host the debut solo show of artist Selby HI, who despite being at such an early stage in her career demonstrates exceptional technical and conceptual ability. Her work encapsulates physically the emotional experience of being held, of being home, and of feeling safe. Her work invites the viewer to reconsider the place of craft, the domestic labour of women, and children’s fairy tales in the gallery space.”

The Private View is on the 1st September from 6pm – 9pm, 4 Ham Yard, London W1D 7LT, and the show will be open to the public from the 2nd September until the 17th September.

Selby Hurst Ingelfield: Cradle opens on the 1st of September until the 17th of September 2022 at Reem Gallery

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