Robyn Ward: Fucked at Birth

Robyn Ward: An examination of destruction and society's systematic breakdown
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Robyn Ward: Fucked at Birth
1st October – 31st November, 2021
Museo Nacional De Arte
Mexico City, Mexico
Followed by New York, London, Los Angeles and São Paulo

Artist Robyn Ward presents his new series ‘Fucked at Birth‘, an exploration of destruction, violence and the systematic breakdown of society. The new paintings are a continuation of his acclaimed series ‘Plastic Nation‘ The series will start touring in Mexico City (1st Oct – 31st November) at Robyn Ward Studio followed by New York, London, Los Angeles and São Paulo.

Robyn Ward: Fucked at Birth
Robyn Ward

Robyn Ward’s new body of work tells a bold narrative that is both timely and provocative. ‘Fucked at Birth’ reflects on Ward’s own childhood, growing up during the back end of the conflict in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Ward takes his own personal experience of destruction, governance and the breakdown of society, relating them both to historical and modern-day global conflict. This allows him to examine how the world has been shaped by the past, from climate change and environmental destruction to socio economic inequality.

Robyn Ward: Fucked at Birth
Wandering Mind

Reoccurring images are obscured and unveiled again in Ward’s multi-faceted canvases. Using wet, loose brush strokes with intricate detail and distinctive markings, he tells his story through a nostalgic veil of innocence and naivety, revealing snapshots of the past while simultaneously obscuring or hiding others. “Each layer depicts a different fragment of time” Ward comments, “often one that I have been a part of, they are screenshots of my life”

Robyn Ward: Fucked at Birth
The King That Was – oil, spray,
pastel, acrylic, ink on canvas, 170 x 140cm

‘Fucked at birth’ combines street art from Ward’s past with the abstract backgrounds and impressive realism of his present. This multi-disciplinary approach allows Ward to capture energy, war and peace that is both historical and personal.

Robyn Ward: Fucked at Birth opens on the 1st of October until the 31st of November, 2021 at Museo Nacional De Arte

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