Ribble Cycles x Craig Black – Acrylic Fusion Endurance SL R Bike

Ribble Cycles has always had an idea – to explore the possibility of a collaboration with a leading UK artist. With the goal of conceptualising the artist’s vision and unique skill set to create a one-of-a-kind frame design. So, when the opportunity presented itself to collaborate with an artist of such global renown, the stars very much aligned. Ribble, therefore, challenged Scottish artist Craig Black to create a bespoke, ‘Acrylic Fusion’ colourway design for the flagship Endurance SL R carbon frameset.

Ribble Cycles x Craig Black

Craig Black is a Scottish Visual Artist whose signature expression is ‘Acrylic Fusion’. He uses this mesmerising technique to bring art to life by creating beautiful patterns in unique and evocative ways. Craig’s incredibly versatile process involves hand pouring layers of acrylic paint to create exquisite one-of-a-kind colourways. Such is the nature of the technique, no one design can ever be replicated in quite the same way again. Specialising in bespoke artwork, murals, and installations, Craig believes in maintaining the originality of his work across every project that he undertakes.

As a company that embraces the ethos of innovation, Ribble’s partnership with Craig was very much a conjoining of creative minds. Both parties were intrigued to see how his creative skills could best be utilised to unlock the mystery of how Acrylic Fusion could be applied to a carbon frameset. Ribble, therefore, challenged Craig to create a bespoke acrylic fusion colourway on the flagship Endurance SL R. The final design had to be bold, exciting and engaging whilst being a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Craig Black

I love the idea of the mystery unfolding

Craig Black

Craig takes much of the inspiration for his creations from the colour palette of the natural world. His location on the banks of the Firth of Forth affords him access to a veritable array of colours to use within his works. Craig infused these colours into his Acrylic Fusion design. Taking inspiration from the verdant slopes of the surrounding hills and the brooding, turbulent, white-capped waters of the Firth of Clyde in Scotland.

Ribble Cycles x Craig Black

Craig is delighted with the result of his collaboration with Ribble and loved the opportunity to combine his passion for sport and art to bring this project to life. The contrast between the vibrant colours of the painted design and black and white componentry are sensational to behold.

“Watching Craig in action bringing this artwork to life on the flagship Endurance SL R has been nothing short of brilliant. It’s a real statement and shows the power of collaboration”Simon Picton (Head of Creative at Ribble Cycles)



©2021 Ribble Cycles, Craig Black

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