Rewild: A solo exhibition by Orlanda Broom

Rewild A solo exhibition by Orlanda Broom
Dates: 29 April – 11 June 2021
Location: Grove Square Galleries, 156 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6YW
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

Grove Square Galleries is pleased to announce Rewild (29 April – 11 June 2021), the
forthcoming solo exhibition by British artist Orlanda Broom. Featuring a new series of
paintings created over the course of the last lockdown year, these buoyant works provide a
colourful escape from our current state of being. Through her signature lush and saturated
style, the artist depicts worlds both fantastical and surreal, absent of human or animal but
abundant with sprawling nature.

Broom’s worlds may be seen as timeless and placeless, often treading a fine line between
intrigue and dystopia, light and dark. In these new works, however, the undertones are lighter
as she contemplates an optimistic, post-pandemic future. A celebration of new beginnings,
growth and restoration, Rewild sees nature dominate once again and pays homage to
mystical, mythologised realms.

Susquehanna Dreamer (2020)

Testament to the artist’s interest in the relationship between psychology and landscape,
human beings and the natural world, in Susquehanna Dreamer (2020), Broom alludes to
Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his hopes to establish a utopian commune on
the banks of the river Susquehanna. In this painting, a circular window framed with exotic
flowers and verdant foliage opens up to a brave new world, drawing the gaze to a view of

Working on a variety of surfaces – including wood panel and, for the first time on large scale
works, aluminium – Broom’s style combines abstract, iridescent forms with more figurative
elements. Inspired by botanical guides and photographs of her past travels, the plants in
Broom’s paintings are eerily familiar and yet are composed from the artist’s imagination.
Rendered with a fluorescent, almost artificial palette, they assume anthropomorphic qualities
and behaviours. Works such as Creep (2020) play on plant-like characteristics and at the same
time present a mirror of human behaviour, the prickly tendrils both alluring and sinister. In
Pink Seekers (2020), triffid-like cacti appear self-assured as they lean towards the horizon, a
Hollywood sunset that calls them to greener pastures.

“This body of work spans a difficult period during the pandemic, and I’ve turned towards the
positive and more jubilant aspects of my painting. The connection to nature and aspects of
escapism have always been a theme but it’s particularly pertinent now as people’s
appreciation of being outdoors has grown; there’s a more vested interest in environmental
issues. Currently when we think about the environment its generally about loss, damage or
negative change… I’d like my enthusiasm and love of nature to come through and engage
people to also think about what the future holds… can our planet rewild?’ – Orlanda Broom

©2021 Orlanda Broom

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