Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process

Reconstructed Nature The Collaborative Process
Luke & Nik - Untitled, 2020

Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process
19th June, 2024 – 20th July, 2024
Unit 2, 2 Beehive Pl

Reconstructed Nature
27th June, 2024- 3rd August 2024
Maglekildevej 18, kld tv
1853 Frederiksberg

This summer, the esteemed artist duo Luke & Nik will present Reconstructed
Nature: The Collaborative Process
. Curated by Jessica Wan, their inaugural solo exhibition opens on Wednesday 19 June, at Photofusion in Brixton, London alongside a concurrent exhibition at Oblong in Copenhagen, Denmark opening on Thursday 27 June.

Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process
Luke & Nik – Untitled, 2020

Recognised for their playful and process-led photography and moving-image work in portraiture, fashion, and still-life, the duo presents a visual language that stimulates dialogue between nature and the senses – a desire to authenticate and explore through visual forms. For over fifteen years, they have developed a practice that defies time and space, highlighting the power of collaboration in shaping artistic narratives.

Residing in South London and Copenhagen respectively, their collaborative synergy transcends geographical confines, resulting in an intriguing body of work that resonates across borders now brought together in this unique showcase.

Unveiling a collection of new and unseen works, Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process celebrates years of inventive collaboration between Luke & Nik. This series of work presents an awakening of senses deeply rooted in joy and curiosity set against the backdrop of ecological and relational loss. Through dialogue, slowness, and improvisation, the collaborative exchanges between Luke & Nik pull at the strings of our senses, foraging moments that often go unnoticed in everyday life.

Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process
Luke & Nik – Passing, 2022

Seeking a reset and ways to look inward, Luke & Nik began venturing into lakes and forests near their respective homes in 2018. Starting with mailing films and conversations, they gather reflections and ramblings, subsequently making new associations between moments that haven’t existed together before now. In this way, a new interpretation of reality is formed. Their project focuses on the journey, taking viewers through enhanced encounters with the world, where fleeting moments of joy are magnified. Exploring these landscapes as monuments, stages, and metaphors, their works offer insights on transforming fleeting moments into visual scenarios that fuse reality and fiction.

Bold and experimental in their approaches, Luke & Nik work primarily in analogue photography. Negatives are spliced and taped back together in new compositions or bordered with bright strokes of acrylic paint, forming intriguingly abstract collages. Engaging with a wide range of photographic techniques such as photomontage, collage, and post-production manipulation, Luke & Nik emphasize play and intent by presenting familiar images unlatched from their inherent context, inviting new

Committed to empowering the next generation of creatives and fostering collaboration within the artistic community, Luke & Nik will present a programme of events alongside the exhibition in London to engage the local community through various workshops and artist talks. By promoting themes of collaboration and anti-gatekeeping, the duo aims to break down barriers in the creative industry, advocating for openness, inclusivity, and the democratisation of artistic expression. Through their own experiences, they recognise the importance of keeping the door open for aspiring artists and believe in paying it forward to support the growth and diversity of the creative landscape.

Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process
Luke & Nik – Untitled, 2020

Talk: Collaboration in Photography, Luke & Nik in Conversation with Jessica Wan
Friday 21 June 2024, 6-8PM
Free Admission (Limited places)
Workshop: Analogue Photography and Deconstructive Processes
Thursday 20 June 2024, 10AM-5PM
Saturday 22 June 2024, 10AM-5PM
Free Admission (Limited places)

Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process opens on the 19th of June, 2024 until the 20th of July, 2024 at Photofusion

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