Nina Kintsurashvili: Mute Things

Nina Kintsurashvili - Mute Things

Nina Kintsurashvili: Mute Things
27 October – 10 December, 2023
Project Artbeat
P. Ingorokva street 14

Artbeat is pleased to announce the first solo show with the gallery of a Tbilisi-based artist, Nina Kintsurashvili. The exhibition will consist of recent paintings and an installation with works on paper.

Nina Kintsurashvili: Mute Things
Nina Kinsturashvili, Common Pictograph, 2023, Oil on Linen, 200×160 cm
©Artbeat ©Nina Kintsurashvili

Kintsurashvili’s analytical but, at the same time, intuitive approach towards abstract painting probes the complexities of the medium itself. Her inquiry into the form manifests in diverse imagery and a range of painterly techniques. She works on her canvas separately, each having a particular internal logic and choreography. For Kintsurashvili the diverse approach and inquiry into specific formal questions make an artist a collector of various tools.

For her, color, line, materiality of paint, the speed of a brushstroke, humor, the deceptive nature of human memory, and even the concept of time become tools applied to her process of image-making.

Nina Kintsurashvili: Mute Things
Nina Kintsurashvili – Mute Things, Artbeat, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2023 ©Artbeat ©Nina Kintsurashvili

Deconstructions, reflection, and mirroring concern Nina Kintsurashvili’s abstract paintings. The artist’s will to grasp a form on the verge of its total disfigurement – while it still holds some representational quality but its origin can no longer be traced – results in fluid and multilayered forms. These shapes exhibit pronounced corporeal features, creating a sense of depth and semi-perspective within them. The result is achieved not merely through layering but also by the deliberate act of erasure and regeneration.

The process of deconstructing matter underscores the limitations of linear perception and offers alternative perspectives distinct from established ideologies. Her subjects of investigation, such as; an archaeological artifact, an erased medieval mural, or an art historical reference, transform into novel, synthetic forms. Through the artistic process, these objects experience visual and semantic metamorphosis, shedding their inherent meanings and connections. Thus emancipating themselves from the confines of ideological frameworks.

Nina Kintsurashvili - Mute Things
Nina Kintsurashvili – Mute Things Installation view, Artbeat, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2023 ©Artbeat ©Nina Kintsurashvili

Nina Kintsurashvili is a Tbilisi based interdisciplinary artist and painter who earned her BFA in painting from The Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and an MFA in Intermedia from The University of Iowa through Fulbright award.

Nina Kintsurashvili: Mute Things opens on 27th October until the 10th December, 2023 at Project Artbeat

©2023 Nina Kintsurashvili, Artbeat