Nature The Artist: The Colony

Nature The Artist: The Colony

Nature The Artist: The Colony
10th April, 2024 until 21 April, 2024
1 Lewis Cubitt Square

The Colony delves into the curious lives of these bees. Initial studies seemed to show their endeavours were nothing out of the ordinary, fulfilling the role nature had assigned to them – but were they in fact engaged in something more intriguing? In The Colony, Nature The Artist’s first ever exhibition in the UK, the audience explores a blacked-out room with a lantern, encouraging them to carefully approach beehive structures on display in the darkness.

This quiet interaction, in these relatively vulnerable conditions, enables the audience to discover the residue of an unknown species, indicating all may not be as it seems. While the impressive beauty of the structures themselves stand, the stories they tell both alter the perceptions of what the viewer is looking at and emphasises the ephemerality of nature itself.

Nature The Artist: The Colony
The Colony Exhibition view

The building and developing of colonies are things we have in common with the animal world, but, unlike most species which do their best to evolve to maintain their territories, humanity tends to dominate, destroying their environments and everything in them.

Curator, Polly O’Flynn, said: “The Colony challenges the perception of the natural and real world, inviting the viewer to be both immersed in the mysterious seeming beauty of nature’s creation while questioning our own impact upon it. We are invited to consider how we assign value to an artform, and how willing we are to re-calibrate our perceptions to protect that in nature which is more precious.”

Nature The Artist: The Colony
Nature The Artist at Kings Cross
John Sturrock

Nature The Artist deliberately positions the viewer as the protagonist of the show and simulates a sense of discovery to prompt a much-needed self-reflection of human behaviour. The Colony reminds those entering the show of the fragility of the real masterpieces already existing in the natural world and calls us to shine a light on how our actions impact them.

Chrissy Cullen, Place Marketing Director at King’s Cross, said: “We are excited to
welcome The Colony to King’s Cross this spring and watch as people engage with the
beautiful artworks and reflect on the importance of this vital species.

We do everything we can to champion and enhance the natural world at King’s Cross and it is fitting that the exhibition is just across the way from Camley Street Natural Park which attracts some of London’s favourite wildlife.”

Nature The Artist: The Colony
The Colony Exhibition view Photo

The Colony is part of King’s Cross’ annual art programme which includes both indoor and outdoor art exhibitions and an annual artist in residency. More information on the arts programme here.

Nature The Artist: The Colony opens on the 10th April, 2024 until 21 April, 2024 at Gasholders

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