Nature & Nurture – The Pink Bear

@95 New Bond Street

British artist LUAP unveils new multidisciplinary installation in the heart of London’s Mayfair. In ‘Nature & Nurture – The Pink Bear’ he brings together some of his work’s enduring themes, such as mental health, the climate and isolation, bringing them to the street for all to see.

Across all mediums, LUAP dynamically fuses adventure and art through his paintings and photography, drawing from his own experiences. His adult-size Pink Bear suit follows him up mountains, surreal landscapes, cities and remote spots in far-away places, juxtaposing them in stark contrast with his central figure The Pink Bear.

At the end of the day, we are all looking for happiness. It’s not always easy to see, and sometimes it can feel completely lost. But it is something that remains, even in
what can feel like the darkest possible moments. I think there is something comforting in that fact and it helps bring balance to my life, knowing and accepting that some days are bad, but others will be better

LUAP, Searching Through My Memories (2021). Oil & Acrylic on Ply, 274x183cm

Over the last 18 months, he has created several installations, artworks and murals on the streets, making art accessible throughout this period of transformation and change. From large painted murals, digital display takeovers, vinyl wraps and immersive installations, a new world is created full of colour, joy and curiosity. Now, on New Bond Street, LUAP creates a fresh spin on shop window display, with oil paintings and sculptures of his iconic Pink Bear in an installation that looks at personal growth and change through looking at our inner problems from a different perspective.

The high streets have drastically changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shops and restaurants have become empty spaces, covered in hastily pasted up posters which are littering the streets – visual garbage instead of the glamour of elaborate shop front displays. As the world begins to recover, however, art has started to transform the high streets and fill the voids, both visually and emotionally. Art is replenishing us with much needed vitality on the streets – and it is helping us to make
sense of this new world.

In works such as Searching Through My Memories, LUAP hones in on the central theme of the installation – that while sometimes we can feel mentally lost, overwhelmed and disorientated, we must remind ourselves that jungles give us oxygen and nutrients allowing us to live, breathe and develop.

By changing our perspective on how we cope with the inner jungle of our thoughts and memories, rather than fighting it, we dissolve our fear of being lost and instead learn to thrive and grow.

In the sculptural works, LUAP brings a vibrant sense of levity while sensitively addressing themes of uncertainty and anxiety while at the same time positivity and hope. In Aim High, The Pink Bear is reaching high, exuding positive energy and giving a High 5 to the world, saying “We can do this!” Similarly, in Time Can Escape You, LUAP presents The Pink Bear running with a bouquet of flowers that is unravelling behind.

The flowers in the work act as a metaphor for human life. Our life only blooms for a short moment of time on this planet – it’s a beautiful journey full of colour and diversity so we must make the most of the time we have here and not let time escape us and waste it. The work is not about loss – but instead is about leaving a trail of colour, joy and happiness as we travel on our personal journey.

©2021 LUAP, The Pink Bear,

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