MUSE by Shona McAndrew

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MUSE By Shona Mcandrew
September 6th – November 2nd, 2019
Chart Gallery
NEW YORK, NY 10013

MUSE, the first solo exhibition of Shona McAndrew in New York City, promises to be a visual delight for art lovers. The exhibition, curated by Maris Brito, showcases McAndrew’s exceptional talent in various mediums, including sculptures, paintings, and digital collages.

However, her life-sized paper-mâché sculptures of plus-sized women that will steal the show, McAndrew’s sculptures perfectly capture the essence of women at their most vulnerable moments, beautifully showcasing their struggles and triumphs. McAndrew’s attention to detail is remarkable, capturing the sheer beauty and power of muses in her creations.

McAndrew’s sculptures depict women in their natural elegance, which most would tend to hide when not in front of an audience. She aims to celebrate the beauty of women in all their forms. In her new series of artworks, McAndrew explores the idea of women as muses and how they can physically and mentally own their surroundings. This is McAndrew’s first solo exhibition in New York City, curated by Maris Brito.

MUSE will feature nine new paintings and five new sculptures by the artist. McAndrew’s unique style and expression break down conventional barriers of normality, showcasing the true essence of what women should be doing in their domestic privacy. MUSE is an exhibition not to be missed.

Muse By Shona Mcandrew opens on the 6th of September until the 2nd of November 2019 at Chart Gallery

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