Maxim Zhestkov: Waves

Maxim Zhestkov: Waves
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Maxim Zhestkov: Waves
18th August – 7th September 2022
W1 Curates
161, 167 Oxford St

On August 18, 2022, the first solo exhibition of digital artist Maxim Zhestkov, titled Waves, will illuminate every surface of London’s W1 Curates exhibition space — inside and out. With new work displayed across the facade’s 3 floors of bespoke LED screens and on every wall of the interior, Maxim will make his London debut via an immersive digital art experience in the commercial heart of the city. Waves meditate on its titular phenomena as the fundamental elements of change in digital and physical systems; waves merge, waves disrupt, and, if synchronized enough, they acquire system-shifting force.

Cultural shifts, spiritual breakthroughs, and wi-fi connections can all be better understood as products of the interactions of waves. As physical and digital systems become less and less distinct, the ability to acknowledge similarities between the two can make our everyday thoughts more creative.

Maxim Zhestkov: Waves

Maxim’s broader oeuvre is built on conceptual investigations of the building blocks of the physical and digital worlds. Each work is an effort to transform a fundamental principle of creation into a rousing spectacle. In Maxim’s words: “It is fascinating how structures could be assembled by themselves, following the basic underlying rules of our world. Any material, including living matter, forms using the same set of rules, and I think that this is something that we take for granted, but it is truly astonishing when you think about it.”

Maxim Zhestkov: Waves
W1 Curates Interior

Mark Dale, founder of W1 Curates says “[W1 Curates is] a public art platform dedicated to bridging the gap between digital art and the traditional art world. Maxim’s artwork lends itself very well to FLANNELS new innovative phygital basement space, which will house brand new state-of-the-art floor to ceiling digital screens, providing a unique interactive experience for the viewer. It’s an honour to share new work from a true pioneer of digital art who remains so passionate about the potential of virtual worlds.”

Maxim Zhestkov: Waves is on until 7th September 2022 at W1 Curates

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