Maxim Zhestkov: Simulation Hypothesis

Maxim Zhestkov: Simulation Hypothesis

Maxim Zhestkov: Simulation Hypothesis
June 20 – 22 July 2023
Unit London
3 Hanover Square

Unit London opens Simulation Hypothesis on June 20, digital artist Maxim Zhestkov’s first solo exhibition in the gallery. Presenting new works, the exhibition explores ideas of entropy and structure in the process of the world’s evolution and creation. Zhestkov creates a journey through two milestones in the history of the universe – the Big Bang and the emergence of art. Simulation Hypothesis continues Zhestkov’s artistic practice working with digital simulations and the exploration of creating digital environments and architecture.

Maxim Zhestkov: Simulation Hypothesis
Image credit: courtesy of Maxim Zhestkov, Clouds of Creation

For Zhestkov, “We are all stardust, coding our own existence,” and this body of work investigates how our material being is related to, and conditioned by the algorithms of nature. Featured in the exhibition are newly produced digital works and physical sculptures. Clouds of Creation, is a speculative rendering of the moment all elements came to being, painting adynamic portrait of the explosive genesis of all matter. This simulation then bleeds into Celestial Synthesis and Microcosmic Mosaics — two sculptures with screens that capture cosmic processes in metal boxes, reflecting on the idea that the Big Bang continues to leave traces of itself in the never ending process of evolution.

Image credit: courtesy of Maxim Zhestkov, Clouds of Creation

The exhibition takes over the entirety of Unit London’s ground floor exhibition space,
presenting an engulfing and mesmerising art experience. Interpreting real-life processes in a digital form, Zhestkov anticipates the rise of new forms of consciousness and existence coming from technological advances, posing them as descendants of the same line of evolution.

Maxim’s broader oeuvre is built on conceptual investigations of the building blocks of physical and digital worlds. Each work is an effort to transform a fundamental principle of creation into a rousing spectacle. Maxim views the digital world as a space of endless possibilities to break and manipulate rules of physics and mathematics — creating environments and pieces that otherwise would not exist in our physical world.

©2023 Maxim Zhestkov

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