LY: The Ways LUVS Look

LY: The Ways LUVS Look
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LY: The Ways LUVS Look
23 Apr, 2021  — 22 May 2021
GR Gallery
255 Bowery
New York
NY 10002
United States

GR gallery is beyond excited to welcome back LY for her first New York City Solo show, after last year duo. Dubbed “The ways LUVS look”, LY will be showcasing her raw talent by revealing 15 new artworks created for this occasion. These canvases, exemplarily executed with the artist signature unlimited gray scale palette, will picture LUV, LY’s omnipresent character, in newfangled scenarios and occupations.

LY: The Ways LUVS Look

About Artist

“The ways LUVS look” focuses on the new journeys that LUV, a bittersweet projection of the artist thoughts and feelings, is running across. He is travelling to never visited places, engaging in different activities and meeting new friends.

LY: The Ways LUVS Look

A completely revisited forest, traditionally a holy environment, revitalized by distinct shapes and peculiar grey tones, symbolizes the unknown context; even in the interior scenes this is noticeable from the window and highlighted by never explored objects, full of hidden meanings, like flowers and vases. Also LUV’s outfits are changing according the surroundings, giving him unusual looks, and now, beside mingling with his usual friends, is often accompanied by cute dogs. We invite the visitor to discover LUV’s new adventures by visiting this highly anticipated exhibition.

LY: The Ways LUVS Look opens on the 23rd of Apr, 2021  until the 22nd of May 2021 at GR Gallery

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