Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock at TM Gallery

Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock at TM Gallery

Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock at TM Gallery
26th April, 2024 until 31st May, 2024
7 Cubitt Street

In collaboration with 3812 Gallery, TM Gallery will present a collaborative group exhibition showcasing the work of three dynamic young artists: Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock. Held in TM Gallery’s not-for-profit space, dedicated to art lovers and collectors, this exhibition offers a glimpse into how the next generation of artists is transforming the contemporary art scene, reshaping its landscape and trajectory.

Featured Artists

Liu Yangwen

Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock at TM Gallery
Liu Yangwen
Blue Rose, 2022

Liu Yangwen was born in Nanjing, China, in 1995. He graduated from Oil Painting Department of Fine Arts School, Nanjing University of the Arts. He is now living in Nanjing. Liu had his first solo exhibition Dazzling Flowers, Spinning Gazes in Tong Gallery+Projects in Beijing, 2021. He also actively participates in group exhibition, including Masterpiece London Art Fair and 3812 Gallery. His works have been selected to various group exhibitions in Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Masterpiece London Art Fair and 3812 Gallery etc.

Liu began to create the series of figurative floral art in 2018-2019. The oil paintings emphasise solemnness by using cool tones and lines which perfectly develop the bouquet in his mind. His creations often lead audiences to reexamine the conventional perspective of flowers. Since 2020, Liu has gradually turned to present his works in an abstract way. The flowers in the works gradually disappear, and more complicated lines appear instead. He tends to use blue, black and white colours in combination with the reconstruction of lines, giving more power to his works. Liu is also presenting his digital art creations by using the device, iPad, with unique brushstrokes and textures.

Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock at TM Gallery
Wenhai Ning, Series IX Aftertaste, 2024, Oil on canvas, soil, leaves, stones, 60 x 180cm

Wenhai Ning

Ning Wenhai (born 1999 in China) currently lives and works in London. He graduated with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in 2023. Ning sees the tiny but rich biomes in the soil as a bridge connecting the real and unreal worlds, a pivotal advancement in the symbiotic bond between humanity and the natural world. His fusion of oil painting and soil not only creates a new symbolic texture, full of the mystery of the interplay of reality and falsehood. But also replants life in the land of another dimension, giving the soil a new power of growth to fill in the ecologically fragile remnants. His works try to evoke people’s thoughts on the origin and evolution of life, exploring the subtle relationship between reality and ideal.

Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock at TM Gallery
Jack Whitelock, Untitled Tree Study, 2022,
Oil on linen, 30 x 25cm

Jack Whitelock

Jack Whitelock is a painter from Hull, Yorkshire. He completed a BA in Painting at the Edinburgh College of Art (2020), before completing his Masters degree in Painting, at the Royal College of Art (2023), where he was a recipient of the Ali H. Alkazzi

Scholarship award. “Style is not a concern, but a symptom of whatever face I’m wearing in the moment of applying paint to a surface. Through an embracement of stylistic freedom, a painting that could be rooted in doubts, fears, curiosities, can oscillate to something embedded in notions of loss and growth, disruption and repair, hope and resilience. It is within this oscillation that painting provides spaces for change. Ranging from the subject matter of trees, landscapes, flowers or abstraction, I use painterly interventions to realise and dissect lived experiences into material, becoming a vessel to hold psychologies or to satisfy curiosities. Each work is an act of rewiring and rediscovering new patterns, mysteries, processes and memories.”

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Liu Yangwen, Wenhai Ning, and Jack Whitelock at TM Gallery opens on the 26th of April, 2024 until the 31st of May, 2024

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