Jean Boghossian: Flames

Jean Boghossian: Flames
Jean Boghossian Portrayed at Villa Zito #2 © Lisa De Boeck

Jean Boghossian: Flames
4th February till 3 March 2024
Anima Gallery
St Regis Hotel
Marsa Arabia Island
The Pearl – Doha, Qatar

Anima Gallery in Doha announces “Flames,” a solo exhibition by Jean Boghossian, a Belgian artist of Lebanese-Armenian descent. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in Boghossian’s artistic journey as he transitions from being a jeweller to a visionary artist. The exhibition will run from February 4 to March 3, 2024, at the St. Regis Hotel on Marsa Arabia Island, The Pearl, an invitation to discover Jean Boghossian’s journey from jeweller to artist as it intersects with themes of environmental conservation, nature’s wrath, and the impact of war in the Middle East.

Jean Boghossian: Flames
Detail Volcano 4, 2023 © Studio Jean Boghossian

Jean Boghossian’s new exhibition showcases his journey from being a jeweller to becoming a full-time artist. With a rich background in jewellery craftsmanship, Jean’s artistic expression was initially shaped by the intricate art of creating and shaping precious metals and gems. This foundation laid the groundwork for his fascination with the transformative power of fire, which is a central tool in both jewellery-making and his current artistic practice. The collection, titled “Flames”, explores themes of environmental conservation, the fury of nature, and the effects of war in the Middle East. It reflects his profound reflection on our world.

Jean Boghossian: Flames
Flaming Flow 4, 2022 ©Studio Jean Boghossian

At the heart of Flames is Boghossian’s unique approach to fire, a tool central to his current artistic practice. The exhibition features various series that showcase the transformative power of fire. One of these series is the “Wave” series, which unintentionally pays tribute to Hokusai. The “Wave” series is created by combining collages, plaster, and paint to depict a dynamic wave that symbolises the untamed force of nature. This series organically transitions into the “Volcano” series, which captures the elemental fury of volcanic eruptions by integrating fire with motifs of water, earth, and air.

The state of the world today, serves as a reminder of the dangers of fire

Jean Boghossian

The ‘Regattas’ and ‘Clash’ series uses resin, smoke, and pigment on steel or aluminium and were inspired by sailboats and the Atomium piece, respectively. These artworks were first showcased in Monaco.

Continuing with the theme of transformation, the ‘Flaming Flow’ series, previously named as ‘Eruption,’ captures the dynamic release of energy and ambition. On the other hand, the ‘Alternance’ piece, a variation of the ‘Pliés Fumées’ series, stands out with its unique use of colors that depict the changing perspectives and phases of creative pursuit. The exhibition concludes with the ‘Missile’ series, where Boghossian utilises a visual technique that imitates the look of a photographic negative to depict the form of a missile. This artistic preference produces a deep visual impression, which serves as a metaphorical tool to contemplate the ongoing global conflicts.

By presenting his work, Boghossian’s work revolves around the idea of the ‘missing missile.’ Through his presentation, he urges us to ponder more deeply on the reasons behind war, the importance of peace, and the relationship between technological progress in warfare and respect for human life. In a world increasingly engulfed in conflict, this series stands as a powerful testament to art’s ability to silently and effectively comment on the human condition.

Jean Boghossian: Flames
Regatta#12, 2023, Detail © Studio Jean Boghossian

In “Flames,” Boghossian’s transition from jewellery crafting to creating art pieces validates the diversity of experimentation and depth of his artistic expression. Each series in the exhibition tells a story of transformation. It reflects our interaction with nature, technological advancements, and our ability to shape the future. By utilising his technique and the interplay of fire, Boghossian invites viewers into an aesthetic and contemplative universe. This exhibition delves into the profound intricacies of one’s renewal, with key ingredients binding everything together.

Jean Boghossian: Flames opens on the 4th of February until the 3rd of March 2024 at Anima Gallery, Doha

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