Jay West: The Beauty Of Mortality

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The Beauty of Mortality
May 21st 6 PM – 9 PM
428 State Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Recognised for his unique amalgamation of fine art and modern culture, renowned artist Jay West presents his solo exhibition “The Beauty Of Mortality“, which will showcase new works from the Harlem based artist. Influence by the techniques of the old masters, he utilises these refined narratives to conceive thought-provoking aesthetics.

Jay West: The Beauty Of Mortality
Jay West – credit @awolerizku

A painting can crystalize the evidence of life; And serve as a testimony of time

Jay West

This body of work spans over a 3, or 4 year timeline: weaving abstract works that evoke emotion, thought, conversation and explore the color spectrums of mood.

Coupled with illustrative , color field works that explore spirituality, renaissance styled narratives that address mortality and what it is to appreciate the beauties, ups and downs of life. The flower is a reoccurring motif in these works acting as a character if you will. A character that embodies these such beauty’s before mentioned. Like the flower, a delicate but never overlooked presence , adds color and life to natures backdrop – We are very much like the flower. We go through phases of fertilization, we grow because we are watered, fed light, and love: even if not, this is the spectrum of this experience; the cycle of ups and down.

WHO: Jay West , fine artist from Harlem New York specializing in acrylic and oil painting. Having exhibited in most of the major national and international art fairs such as art basel, the armory, to name a couple. Creating album art work for some of today’s most prolific musicians such as ASAP Ferg, ASAP Rocky, WALE, Travis Scott, designing for BAPE, collections with LEVIS, the list goes on. This solo exhibition is another step into the narrative of JayWest.

Jay West: The Beauty Of Mortality
Jay West: The Beauty Of Mortality

WHERE: Hudson NY, is the location for this exhibit. 428 state street, an old gothic church turned residence will be the space. 35 foot ceilings, original lamp style hanging lights, giant ornate stained glass windows, and a grand pointed arch altar is the center focus of the room, the works will bring the space alive just as strongly as the space will add emotion to the viewing experience.

WHEN: tentatively- MAY 20th

From 6pm-9pm

Collectors and attendees the night of the opening range from prolific musicians, fellow artists in the field of fine arts, doctors, law professionals, athletes etc!

Renowned cellist Daniel Haas who has won a handful of prestigious awards including the 2019 Julliard Cello Concerto competition, Gold medalist of the Stulberg International string competition among many others  will arrange a marvelous string quartet to adorn the space with the finest of live classical music

The Beauty Of Mortality opens on May 21st 6 PM – 9 PM at 428 State Street Hudson, NY 12534.


©2021 Jay West, Awol Erizku

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