In Lucid Dreams We Dance 2

In Lucid Dreams We Dance 2

In Lucid Dreams We Dance 2, Curated by Clara Rodorigo in collab with Jael Arazi
11th February 2023
Old Paradise Yard
20 Carlisle Ln

In Lucid Dreams We Dance presents an evening of experimental sounds and performances at IKLECTIK, in London. Combining DJ sets, projections and installations, artists Turbo Sud, Melania Toma, Kreshik, and Hawazin O will take us on a mystical journey through sounds and imagery. The programme will explore rituals and folklore in relation to electronic music and parties, intended as relational spaces where artistic practices intersect. Visual and auditory stimuli originating elsewhere will intersect at IKLECTIK turning participants into travellers.

On this occasion, the second issue of ILDWD zine will be launched, featuring
contributions from participating artists, extending the journey in print. The project is supported by The Italian Council (11th edition, 2022), the program aimed at supporting Italian contemporary art in the world promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity within the Italian Ministry of Culture; In Lucid Dreams We Dance 2 at IKLECTIK is realised thanks to the support of The Italian Cultural Institute in London.

Doors: 7:30PM

8PM – Hawazin O, sound experimentation

Hawazin O will open the night accompanying the visitors/travellers in a distant yet rooted place, through a mix of experimental ambient resonances, traditional Arabic electronic and Deconstructed sounds.

Hawazin O
Courtesy the artist

9PM – Kreshik and Melania Toma, Soil Ethereal, audio-visual performance &

Soil Ethereal is a subconscious fantasy, stepping halfway into our individual roots and halfway into our celestial visions, a levitating experience juggling between inhalation and exhalation. Presented in a shadow play and mystical field recordings, the storytelling aims to bring every individual from a meditative and introspective state to a gathering of ecstasy. An ode to dancefloor spaces seen as architectures of alterity. Starting from different artefacts accumulated during road trips, and combining field recordings with contemporary soundscapes, the performance brings every individual into a journey through an umbilical movement as a means to reach the astral plane.

In Lucid Dreams We Dance 2
Melania Toma
Courtesy the artist

Soil Ethereal is an approach to address the tension between the desire for leaving the body consciousness and the resistance to stay rooted through the concepts of aura envelopes, shadows, and everything in between. Objects are used as talismans to pass from one dimension to the other one, a way to create a tangible link between the two worlds. These objects become a primary technology to refer to, a guide that is accompanying us towards the journey. What happens when our body is in space and our mind on earth? When does the dance begin? When are the visions becoming real? Soil and sky, dance floor and visions are merging. The border gets blurry – indefinitely…

Turbo Sud
Photo: Andrea Mallardi

10:15PM – Turbo Sud, Tecnopizzica, audio-visual performance

The artist will present an A/V performance exploring the fragmented story of Tecnopizzica, collective sound experiments, which remanufactured, in the early ‘90s, the traditional music Pizzica from Puglia (Southern Italy), with the use of the first affordable computers. The project questions notions about collective memory and the value of sonic traditions between the imaginary and the factual, through the story of an ancient music genre poised between extinction, revival and computer music experiments.

The event is fully wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are available on DICE: £11 Advance (including zine ILDWD 2) and £12 on the

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