Gazelli Art House Presents Curtain Twitching

Gazelli Art House Presents Curtain Twitching
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Curtain Twitching
Adam de Boer, Khaleb Brooks, Max Prus,& Niyaz Najafov
Gazelli Art House
Online exhibition

Months spent itching to get out and pulling at the curtain seams? ‘Curtain Twitching’ appeals to lockdown sensibilities, of looking from the inside out and of intrigue into the lives of others as ours became suddenly narrower. The exhibition presents four different global perspectives from artists; Max Prus, Adam de Boer, Niyaz Najafov and Khaleb Brooks. ‘Curtain Twitching’ explores the divergent backgrounds of the artists and their worlds, visions and points of enquiries. Max Prus is an artist based in Norfolk, his works depict scenes of everyday life from his immediate surroundings.

Gazelli Art House Presents Curtain Twitching
Adam De Boer, Berenang Malam, 2021
Wax-resist, acrylic paint staining, and oil paint on linen
137.2 x 240 x 3.8 cm
54 x 94 1/2 x 1 1/2 in

The artist boldly captures non-narrative visuals, adding intrigue to the mundane. For example, Net Lurk, 2020, from which the title of the exhibition originates draws the viewer into a domestic setting and encourages questions such as who is the lurker? What are they observing from behind their net curtain? Disturbance on Dover Street, 2020 has a similar effect, the mustard hued armchairs and wooden stool strewn across the high-ceilinged interior is again void of characters but rich in drama.

Gazelli Art House Presents Curtain Twitching

This piece was painted during Max’s residency at The Arts Club last year. Max’s personal frustrations with the forced domesticity of the pandemic is evident in Cogs Gears and Norfolk High Torque, 2020 and Omega Point, 2020 in which the artist imprinted his palms to capture the mounting tension he felt at the time. The majority of Max’s works presented in the exhibition have been produced during the pandemic (2020/21).

Gazelli Art House Presents Curtain Twitching is online to view at Gazelli Art House

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