GAY TIMES Celebrates 40 Years at Outernet London

GAY TIMES Celebrates 40 Years at Outernet London
GAY TIMES 537 Nov, 23

Partnering with Pride in London, GAY TIMES, GALOP, Classical Pride, and Trans+ History Week, Outernet will showcase a diverse range of content designed to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community, completely free to audiences right in the heart of Soho.


Pride in London and Outernet are highlighting Pride in London’s official 2024 campaign, “We Are Everywhere”. This campaign focuses on recognizing everyday unsung heroes who make a difference in their daily lives and inspire others through their actions. Throughout June, visitors can expect a multitude of events and displays that amplify the voices and stories of these remarkable individuals.

GAY TIMES Celebrates 40 Years at Outernet London
GAY TIMES 109GT177, June 1993


A special feature of this year’s Pride Month at Outernet London is the partnership with GAY TIMES, commemorating its 40th anniversary. From 6th June to 1st July, Outernet will host a stunning display of GAY TIMES’ ‘iconic archive’, showcasing the publication’s journey and the significant strides made in LGBTQ+ representation. This is the first time the full archive will be exhibited in the public realm.

Since its inception in 1984, GAY TIMES has been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ media, evolving from a modest magazine into a powerful platform for advocacy and cultural commentary. Over the past 40 years, GAY TIMES has documented the journey of the LGBTQ+ community, chronicling pivotal moments in history, celebrating milestones in equality, and providing a voice to those often marginalized in mainstream media. This exhibit not only celebrates the progress achieved over the past four decades but also serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts needed to achieve true equality.

Tim Noblett, Director of Marketing, Pride in London says: In 2024 as the LGBTQ+ community is used for political gain by both major parties, Pride in London what’s to empower all LGBTQ+ Londoners with a sense of ability to make positive change by showcasing the unsung queer heroes both past and present. Working with Outernet, and The Independent, on our We Are Everywhere campaign allows us to tell the stories of those LGBTQ+ Londoners that have stood before us and helped changed London and our lives. Placing these stories at the heart of Soho, with Outernet, gives these stories the attention they deserve.

GAY TIMES Celebrates 40 Years at Outernet London
GAY TIMES 086GT154, July 1991


Outernet London’s official charity partner, ADOT, is also partnering with GALOP, a prominent anti-hate crime charity within the LGBTQ+ space. GALOP is dedicated to campaigning for equality and championing the rise of gay pride. Over 8 years, clouds have continued to darken the UK’s attitude to LGBTQ+ people, which has plummeted down ILGA’s Rainbow Europe Index of ‘safe’ countries for LGBTQ+ people, from 1st place in 2015, to 17th place in 2023. There were 28,000 anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes recorded in 2022-2023. This June, GALOP is calling on everyone to help bring back the
sunshine and fill the UK with rainbows again. In Now Trending from the 14th – 23rd June, GALOP will be creating an immersive digital experience where audiences can experience an all-encompassing storm turn into sunshine and rainbows.


QueerAF with their first launchpad project, Trans+ History Week, has developed a transportive experience that takes visitors on a journey through the millennia old history of Trans+ people, all while immersed in the choral sounds of the UK’s first professional trans+ choir, Trans Voices. The piece states powerfully that “we’ve always been here” and focuses in on three stories paired with art created by Trans+ artists from around the world. who have been supported, given audio equipment, and mentored by QueerAF across multiple commissioning schemes. Showing at Outernet from 17th – 30th June.

GAY TIMES Celebrates 40 Years at Outernet London
GAY TIMES 136GT204, September 1995


This year, Classical Pride will be celebrating Pride Month with a five day festival, opening with an exciting, brand new concept – Classical Drag – live in the 2,000-capacity venue HERE at Outernet on 3 July. Together with a live orchestra of LGBTQ+ musicians and allies, conducted by Oliver Zeffman, competitors include Barbs (piano), Drag Race UK’s Vinegar Strokes (vocals), Snow White Trash (saxophone), drag king Beau Jangles and transgender opera performer extraordinaire Freddie Love. Judges and guests include soprano Pumeza Matshikiza, international drag artist Thorgy Thor, star operatic tenor Nicky Spence, London gay scene legend Jonny Woo and very special guest Monét X Change (Live Performance with Orchestra).

GAY TIMES Celebrates 40 Years at Outernet London opens on the 6th June, 2024 until the 1st of July, 2024

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