Gao Hang releases his first NFT with Unique Board

Gao Hang is back with another ironic masterpiece; this time, his artistic eloquence is in the form of an NFT. In collaboration with Unique Board, Hang releases his first NFT, an Augmented Reality artwork titled “Ransom Money”.

Ransom Money @wallstbull

Appearing like a mirage one might see walking down Wall St, a glowing, fluorescent green pile of cash exists somewhere inbetween the digital and physical world, as a 1 of 1 Augmented Reality artwork

Ransom Money by GaoHang x Unique Board

Acknowledged for his intricate airbrushed compositions, he has formulated fluorescent green bundles of money representing his investigations concerning the glowing cash in society, installing a new narrative where the confidence in money is questioned. Gao wittily plays with the concept of money in infinite settings, as Crypto frenzy seizes society.

“Ransom Money” also commemorates the first-ever NFT artist release on Unique Board. This NFT original artwork auction takes places On April 1, 2021, April Fool’s Day.

©2021 Gao Hang, Unique Board

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