GAME ON: The Pixel Paintings of Adam Shub

GAME ON: The Pixel Paintings of Adam Shub
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GAME ON: The Pixel Paintings of Adam Shub
Strictly CBD
July 14th – August 9th 2021
394 Communipaw Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07304
available digitally on Artsy

GAME ON: The Pixel Paintings of Adam Shub, opens to the general public July 14th and runs until August 9th at Strictly CBD in Jersey City, New Jersey. Strictly CBD, founded by Jeffrey Devine, is one of New Jersey’s most pioneering CBD and hemp retail stores.

Trigonal, an innovative gallery showcasing emerging artists and revolutionary digital works, is proud to present Shub’s newest and most notable pieces in this exhibition.


GAME ON: The Pixel Paintings of Adam Shub
The Robot Brothers, 2020
Acrylic on Canvas

I want to craft the best possible art I can and share it with anyone who loves retro games. Getting more involved in the retro gaming scene has inspired me to capture the moments from video games that we all remember.

Adam Shub

Gamers may be familiar with Shub from the cult favorite YouTube series Living in 8 Bits, and his collaborations with the online community Retroware TV. What many may not realize is the painstaking effort the artist puts into his creations; he hand-grids every pixel onto the canvas and can spend months on a detailed scene. His favorite game of all time is Earthbound for the SNES system, and he often produces parodies or mashups inspired by the series’ universe that don’t actually exist within the games themselves.

Shub’s talent for making the nostalgic new extends to his music career as the bassist for the rock
group Rex Viper Band. “My band’s music is 80s covers mixed with video game music, so [each craft informs the other] very much,” he comments. “All the other guys in the band come from the gaming scene too, so there’s a whole lot of different inspirations going into our songs. With almost every song we’ve put out, I’ve been inspired to create a piece from it.”

GAME ON: The Pixel Paintings of Adam Shub
Legend Of The Dragon Ninja 2014

With an indie gaming boom paying homage to retro titles and nostalgic game culture boosted by last year’s quarantine conditions, the time is now right to celebrate artists like Shub who are giving these pop symbols the power to cut across industries and generations for a strong, positive message. We all want to save the world and have fun doing it. Game on.

Ready for the next level? Trigonal’s Adam Shub show runs July 14-August 9 at Strictly CBD (394 Communipaw Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 07304) and is available digitally on Artsy

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