Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’

Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’
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Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’
21st May – 28th June, 2020
Online Exhibition

Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’. A cutting edge, immersive group show, that straddles the dividing line between the bricks and mortar of the real gallery world and the pixels, algorithms & vectors of cyberspace, featuring the world’s leading contemporary artists. From 21st May – 28th June the creative forces of Taku Obata, Mars 1, Sickboy, Ralph Steadman, Rick Griffin, Mat Eco, Antwan Horfee, Adam Neate, Rhys Lee, Gasius, Mudwig, Duncan Weston and Hello Collective plus special guests TBA will unite with Fluorescent Smogg to deliver a groundbreaking exhibition hosted entirely online.

Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’
The Dividing Line Flyer

Showcasing disciplines as diverse as Contemporary painting, Video Installation, Screenprinting, Woodblock Printing and the ancient art of Bronze Casting. Timed editions will be released weekly throughout the event. Eschewing the traditional gallery space has always been a part of Fluorescent Smogg’s DNA. For the past few months the development of a dream world in which to exhibit artists has been gestating. Now it’s time to open the doors. This cutting-edge showcase has been constructed entirely from the ground up using the latest in 3-D rendering technology to create a totally unique exhibition.

Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’
Installation view

The result forces us to ask uneasy yet thought provoking questions: Are real spaces needed in a world so adept at 3-D rendering and deep fakes? & Can the traditional gallery experience be assimilated in a virtual world? As well as asking these thought provoking questions, The Dividing Line will also act as a force for social good, with 10% of the show’s sales being donated to Mind.

Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’

Speaking about why now the right time is to launch this project Fluorescent Smogg’s Charles Baird says: “Creativity held in contentious times has, through history, always been deeply inspiring. We want to bring something positive because of the situation, not despite it” Fluorescent Smogg has long held a reputation as a forward-thinking gallery and production house, working with the world’s leading contemporary and progressive artists for over a decade.

Featured artist, Sickboy added: “ We are fearless, diving headfirst into this world, colliding pixels with vectors and the real with the unreal, venturing untrodden paths in the hope to stimulate imagination and arouse conversation”

Opening private view 21st May 2020 6-10pm strictly RSVP. Subscribe here: https://fluorescentsmogg.com/

With live soundtrack provided by special guest DJ TBC Exhibition open to the planet earth 10am 22nd May – 28th June. Catalogue available upon request.

Featured Artists:
Taku Obata: @takuobata
Mars 1: @mars_1_
Sickboy: @sickboykks
Ralph Steadman: @steadmanart
Rick Griffin: @rickgriffindesigns
Antwan Horfee: @haunted_horfee
Adam Neate: @adam_neate
Ryhs Lee: @rhyslee_
Gasius: @gasius
Mudwig: @mudwig
Hello collective: @jer_hellocollective
Duncan Weston: @byduncanweston

About Fluorescent Smogg:
Fluorescent Smogg was set up by UK artist Sickboy to be the finest quality art rendering, limited edition creating and art show production house in its field. Since 2013 they have achieved this by bringing together a dream team of talent and expertise that he has encountered over 20 years in the world of Urban Contemporary art.

Only craftsmen, suppliers and artists at the top of their game are engaged in a Fluorescent Smogg project, wherever it may be on the globe. With their production bases having been in Barcelona, Bristol and London, and a history of hit international events, they are renowned for always delivering immaculate quality art and ground breaking immersive shows, worldwide.

Fluorescent Smogg presents ‘The Dividing Line’ opens online on the 21st of May until thee 28th of June, 2020

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