DUSTIN HA: Remember Why You’re Here

DUSTIN HA: Remember Why You’re Here
Saturday, February 10
Helen J Gallery
929 Cole Ave | Los Angeles
Reception 5-9 pm

Mon Dieu Projects is pleased to announce friend of the gallery Dustin Ha’s debut photography exhibition: REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE HERE. This challenging collection of 26 large format photographs have been folded, framed, and installed at unique angles to create a singular experience. For one day only, this presentation creates something unpredictable and nonfungible, a rarity in fine art photography: a true 1 of 1.

This is not a collection of easy to digest, purely commercial photography prints for hotel lobbies and staging multimillion-dollar homes. Dustin Ha dares the viewer to look beneath the surface and see themselves in this exquisitely imperfect world. These works embrace the contradiction and darkness that hide in plain sight beneath the beauty and the light.

DUSTIN HA: Remember Why You’re Here

Each fold in the works of REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE HERE create a metaphor for the intricate tapestry of life’s highs and lows. Just as life unfolds without order, the folds in each image mirrors the unpredictability of each viewer’s personal journey. For Ha, these folds represent his distorted vision during a crippling panic attack. The interplay of light and shadows in each fold celebrates resilience in adversity, and beauty in imperfection. Dustin invites each viewer to reflect on the profound parallels between the creases in the photographs and the nuanced fabric of their own lives.

DUSTIN HA: Remember Why You’re Here


Dustin Ha is an LA-born Korean-American that was raised in El Salvador leaving him with three fragmented identities, always the outsider. But it wasn’t drugs nor the spiritual cult Dustin joined that gave him purpose, it’s his camera where his singular focus melts away his Sisyphean anxiety. Dustin confronts his demons through his meticulous photography practice that celebrates the misfit in all of us through juxtaposition and unusual formats.

DUSTIN HA: Remember Why You’re Here opens on Saturday, February 10 at Helen J Gallery

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