DotPigeon Drops New Augmented Reality Art With Unique Board

The artist known as DotPigeon is acknowledged for his statement pieces where he immerses his persona in luxurious residences surrounding by an abundance of gratification.

The balaclava-wearing artist is now presenting his artistic expression in the medium of Augmented Reality. Collaborating with the forward-thinking art house Unique Board for his debut edition titled “Another piece from my shattered glass collection”.


That sees Dot embracing an ornamental vase, sporting red Jordans ready to run. This Augmented Reality sculpture is intended to stir the desires of both the traditional and digital art collector.

DotPigeon x UB “Another piece from my shattered glass collection”

Existing exclusively in mixed reality, Dot’s AR can be placed in any environment wherever the imagination wishes through the winning bidder’s smartphone. Based upon an original digital painting where works by Murakami, Calleja and KAWS hang above a spiral staircase. This 1 of 1 Augmented Reality NFT avatar mirrors a three-dimensional manifestation of DotPigeon’s persona.

“Another piece from my shattered glass collection”

Dot’s figure is finally free to roam in its AR form — wherever its collector envisions it to exist. The Auction for this AR NFT by DotPigeon x UB opens Friday, April 30th. After 48 hours, the winning bidder will behold the key to narrate their own story of this artwork’s presence in their reality.

©2021 Dotpigeon, Unique Board

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