Didi Rojas: You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie

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Didi Rojas: You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie
September 7th – October 19th, 2019
373 Broadway
Suite 618
New York, NY 1001

You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie marks the first solo exhibition by Didi Rojas at LAUNCH F18, which features a curation of over 20 ceramic sculpture shoes presented in an iconic and sculptural form. Similar to Didi’s previous bodies of work, this exhibition focuses on the delicacy and detail within her sculptures, and reveals a broader cultural context. As we live in a rapidly changing society and fast paced world, Rojas frames these moments to make us pause and comprehend the what can be phenomenal about these various and visually diverse forms.

Didi Rojas - You're Doing Amazing Sweetie
Didi Rojas in her giant ceramic Balenciaga

They are fascinating objects. Shoes reveal so much about their wearer. They can tell a whole story about a person’s life and daily habits.

Didi Rojas
Didi Rojas - You're Doing Amazing Sweetie
Stan Smith in Didi Rojas Creamic Version

Like her contemporaries such as Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol and many others; Rojas strikes at the same chord of design, popular culture and nostalgia while breathing fresh air upon it with profound sincerity. Just as Warhol showed us the Campbell’s Soup can, Koons the balloon animal, and Kusama the pumpkin, Rojas brings a connection with the everyday and the significance that these objects have to the human experience. Though they are just shoes, to Rojas they are so much more, representing beauty in the everyday and the sometimes overlooked power of function and design.

Gucci - Didi Rojas
Didi Rojas

Though not all of these objects necessarily reflect the humble, Rojas leaves no limitations or exclusion of cultural styles at large. Ranging from a high heeled shoes to casual sneakers and boots; the installation of these works combine the spectrum of fashion, design and art with what can reflect both attainable and sometimes unobtainable. In the world Rojas creates, a joyful and peaceful presence exists amongst the works and an immunity to barriers or separations. For Rojas, she strikes deep within the symbolism of the shoe and finds a meaning far beyond its material function.

You're Doing Amazing Sweetie - Diji Rojas
You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie – Diji Rojas

Though each piece is distinctly unique, carrying their own characteristics and spirit with them, they all share a unifying purpose and cultural history. As these works sit idle on the pedestal within the gallery, they are paused, refrained from their constant rhythm, and reflect on the human experience. It reminds us of the connection we have with past, present and future generations. With these connections Rojas creates an individual, as well as sociable body of work, utilizing these creative moments to connect a visual language for all.

Didi Rojas: You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie opens on the 7th of September until the 19th of October 2019 at LAUNCH F18



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